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5710 (pronounced Fifty-Seven Ten) is the name of the lecture series at The Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and The Built Environment in Aberdeen, Scotland. It is a non-profit organisation run by students, which invites guest speakers to lecture in the School. Speakers are usually practicing architects of interest to students and to the school, and the society aims to create a link between architectural education and architectural practice. However, lecturers are also invited from related disciplines such as art, architectural photography and interior design.


5710 has been running since 1988, when it was set up by a group of students led by Willie Watt, former student at the Scott Sutherland School of Architecture. This first 5710 "committee" started immediately after the students' first year out (as Part I of the RIBA accredited course), during which time most students experience the practice of architecture for the first time. A poll was run for the year-group in order to ascertain who they would like to ask. The student committee displayed a certain amount of boldness in asking big-name architects to come and talk in the relatively peripheral location of Aberdeen; and the student-led, brass-necked approach meant that practitioners often gave their talks for free. In return, lecturers were given an opportunity to connect to the world of education, promote the work of their practice and keep an eye on the future talent. In the opening year, among the speakers were John Young and Jeremy Dixon. Since its creation in 1988, renowned architects visiting the school, have included David Adjaye, Nicholas Grimshaw, Robert Maxwell, Richard Murphy and Craig Dykers of Norwegian practice Snøhetta.

5710 today[edit]

5710 Lectures take place at 5:00 pm on Thursday evenings, after which students are given an opportunity to pose questions to the visiting speaker; either at the end of the lecture or afterwards in the Old School Hall, where members are invited for refreshments and a social gathering. Since 2005, lectures have been sponsored by local practice MRT (Mackie, Ramsay, Taylor), which has made more money available for raising the profile of the events, as well as allowing the lectures be free and open to all. Often, visiting lecturers are also invited to take part in School activities during their stay, promoting a natural and healthy interaction between practice and education. In 2006/2007, 5710 will celebrate its 18th year.


Each year a group of students of the Diploma year (and since 2005, the Masters year) have been charged with running the lecture series, and it is the responsibility of the committee to choose and invite guest speakers; organise speakers' travel and accommodation; meet the speakers on arrival; introduce the individual lecture; and to run and host a number of social events related to the lecture series. This is done under the supervision of and with support from The Scott Sutherland School of Architecture; who also provide funding for the lecture series.


The name 5710 is derived from Aberdeen's latitude: 57 degrees and 10 minutes.

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