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Factorization3 × 19
Divisors1, 3, 19, 57
Greek numeralΝΖ´
Roman numeralLVII

57 (fifty-seven) is the natural number following 56 and preceding 58.

In mathematics[edit]

Fifty-seven is the sixteenth discrete semiprime and the sixth in the (3×q) family. With 58 it forms the fourth discrete bi-prime pair. 57 has an aliquot sum of 23 and is the first composite member of the 23-aliquot tree. Although 57 is not prime, it is jokingly known as the "Grothendieck prime" after a story in which mathematician Alexander Grothendieck supposedly gave it as an example of a particular prime number. This story is repeated in Part 2 of a biographical article on Grothendieck in Notices of the American Mathematical Society.[1]

As a semiprime, 57 is a Blum integer since its two prime factors are both Gaussian primes.[2]

57 is a 20-gonal number.[3] It is a Leyland number since 52 + 25 = 57.[4]

57 is a repdigit in base 7 (111).

There are 57 vertices and 57 hemi-dodecahedral facets in the 57-cell, a 4-dimensional abstract regular polytope.[5] The Lie algebra E7+1/2 has a 57-dimensional Heisenberg algebra as its nilradical, and the smallest possible homogeneous space for E8 is also 57-dimensional.[6]

In science[edit]


In fiction and media[edit]

In films[edit]

  • Passenger 57, a film starring Wesley Snipes
  • In the movie Contagion, Vaccine #57 successfully protects the lab monkey from infection.
  • The Terminal (2004) starring Tom Hanks. There are 57 members of the jazz band that Viktor Navorski carries a picture of with him.

In games[edit]

  • In the game Hollow Knight, a character named Zote the Mighty has fifty-seven precepts, all of which offer rather humorous, lackluster, or completely bad advice to the player.

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In food[edit]

  • Heinz 57, a brand of sauce, and the number of varieties of foods claimed to be produced by the H.J. Heinz Company

In music[edit]

  • "Incident on 57th Street", a song by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, from their 1973 album, The Wild, the Innocent and the E Street Shuffle
  • "57 Channels (And Nothin' On)", a song by Bruce Springsteen, from his 1992 album Human Touch
  • "57", the name of a song by Biffy Clyro on their 2002 debut album, Blackened Sky
  • Shure SM57, considered the workhorse of recording microphones

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  • The number of the French department Moselle

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