57th Guards Motor Rifle Division

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The 57th Guards Motor Rifle Division was a division of the Soviet Ground Forces.

It traces its history to the 57th Guards Rifle Division. The 57th Guards Rifle Division was formed from the 153rd Rifle Division (Second formation) on 31 December 1942. It was part of the 'operational army' from 31.12.1942 по 07.06.1944 и с 15.06.1944 по 09.05.1945. Its operations included:

  • Millerovo Voroshilovgradskaya-operation
  • Raisin-Barvenkovsky offensive
  • Donbas Offensive
  • Nyzhnyodniprovske offensive
  • Dnipropetrovsk offensive
  • Dnepr-Carpathian Offensive
  • Nikopol-Krivorozhskaya offensive
  • Bereznegovatoe-Snigirevskaya offensive
  • Odessa offensive operatsiyaBelorusskaya offensive
  • Lublin-Brest Offensive
  • Vistula-Oder Offensive
  • Warsaw-Poznan offensive
  • Zelovsko-Berlin operation
  • Berlin offensive
  • Sturm Berlin

It fought on the Don River, in the Ukraine, on the Vistula River, and in the Berlin Operation. With 8th Guards Army of the 1st Belorussian Front May 1945. Became 57th Guards Motor Rifle Division in 1957, at Naumburg, GDR, in 1980s. During the 1980s it consisted of the :

  • 170th Guards Motor Rifle Regiment (Naumburg)
  • 174th Guards Motor Rifle Regiment (Weißenfels)
  • 241th Guards Motor Rifle Regiment (Leipzig)
  • 57th Guards Tank Regiment (Zeitz)
  • 128th Artillery Regiment (Zeitz)

It was disbanded in June 1993.[1] It spent up until April 1993 at Naumberg and then two month at Chelyabinsk before disbanding.


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