57th Oregon Legislative Assembly

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57th Oregon Legislative Assembly
56th Legislative Assembly 58th Legislative Assembly
Oregon State Capitol rotunda.jpg
Interior of the rotunda at the Capitol Building
Jurisdiction Oregon, United States
Meeting place Oregon State Capitol
Term 1973-1974
Oregon State Senate
Members 30 Senators
Senate President Jason Boe
Party control Democratic Party
Oregon House of Representatives
Members 60 Representatives
Speaker of the House Richard Eymann
Party control Democratic Party

The 57th Oregon Legislative Assembly convened for its regular session from January 8 to July 6, 1973.[1] There was also a special session from January 24 to February 24, 1974.[2]

Both houses were controlled by the Democratic Party of Oregon. The House speaker was Richard Eymann. Jason Boe was the Senate president;[3] Eymann would serve as Speaker only during the 57th legislature;[4] Boe would continue as President through the 1980 special session.[5]

Republican Tom McCall was governor during the 57th legislature.

The 57th legislature passed sweeping legislation, most notably Senate Bill 100, which established a framework for land use planning in the state.[6]

Bill McCoy, the first African American elected to Oregon's legislature, served his first term in the House during this session. He was later elected to the Oregon Senate.

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