57th World Science Fiction Convention

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Aussiecon Three, the 57th World Science Fiction Convention
Genre Science fiction
Venue Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
Location(s) Melbourne
Country Australia
Inaugurated 2–6 September 1999
Filing status Non-profit

Aussiecon Three was the 57th World Science Fiction Convention, held in Melbourne, Australia on 2–6 September 1999. The convention was held in the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.[1]

Guests of honour[edit]

Special guest[edit]


The Hugo Awards, named after Hugo Gernsback, are given every year for the best science fiction or fantasy works and achievements of the previous year. Results are based on the ballots submitted by members of the World Science Fiction Society.[1]

The Hugo Award ceremony was directed and hosted by Michael Jordan and Executive assistant Paula McGrath.

Hugo Awards[edit]

Other awards[edit]


Site selection[edit]

San Jose won the vote for the 62nd World Science Fiction Convention in 2005 by a large majority. A hoax bid for Roswell, New Mexico was the only other bid filed.[2]

Noteworthy program participants[edit]



  • Perry Middlemiss

Division heads[edit]

  • Finance: Rose Mitchell
  • Administration: Julian Warner
  • Publicity: Alan Stewart
  • Major Events: Perry Middlemiss
  • Publications: Mark Loney
  • Program Operations: Janice Gelb
  • Programming: Donna Heenan
  • Fixed Functions: Nick Price, Jason Sharples
  • Facilities: Stephen Boucher
  • WSFS: Stephen Boucher
  • InterDivisional Liaison: Michael AJ Jordan


Stephen Boucher, Christine Dziadosz, Donna Heenan, Michael Jordan, Mark Linneman, Perry Middlemiss, and Alan Stewart


  • Bid chair: Alan Stewart

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