5 A Day Adventures

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5 A Day Adventures
5 A Day Adventures Logo.png
Developer(s) eMotion Studios
Publisher(s) Dole Food Company
Director(s) Paul Lundahl
Producer(s) Patsy Northcutt
Programmer(s) Grig Bilham, John-Erik Omland
Artist(s) Halstead Craig Hannah
Writer(s) Lissa Rovetech
Composer(s) Phil Schroeder
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, Mac OS
Release 1993
Genre(s) Education
Mode(s) Single-player

5 A Day Adventures is an educational computer game developed by eMotion Studios.


The game teaches young children the importance of eating fruits and vegetables daily.[1] It is intended for third-grade level students, and features singing and rapping cartoon fruit and vegetables that explain how they are grown, their nutrition and cooking.[2][3]

Publication history[edit]

The game was published and produced by the Dole Food Company, in collaboration with the Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior. Since the release, it has been made freely available to more than 18,000 schools across the United States and was bundled with the Macintosh Quadra 630 series. Over the duration of one year in partnership, 270,000 copies of the game were distributed.[1]


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