5th Canadian Screen Awards

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5th Canadian Screen Awards
DateMarch 12, 2017
LocationSony Centre for the Performing Arts, Toronto
Hosted byHowie Mandel
Most awardsFilm: It's Only the End of the World (6)
TV: Orphan Black (9)
Most nominationsFilm: It's Only the End of the World (9)
TV: Orphan Black (14)
Best Motion PictureIt's Only the End of the World
Best Dramatic SeriesOrphan Black
Best Comedy SeriesLetterkenny
Television/radio coverage
Produced byBarry Avrich

The 5th annual Canadian Screen Awards were held on March 12, 2017, to honour achievements in Canadian film, television, and digital media production in 2016.[1] Nominations were announced on January 17, 2017.[2]

Awards in many of the technical categories were presented in a series of galas, collectively called Canadian Screen Week, in the days leading up to the main ceremony. At the main ceremony, the film It's Only the End of the World and the television series Orphan Black won the most awards in film and television categories, with six and nine awards, respectively.[3]


The ceremony was hosted by Howie Mandel.[4] His performance was not well received by critics; Kate Taylor of The Globe and Mail criticized Mandel's recurring joke of dubbing the awards the STDs – for "Screen, television, Digital" – in response to the fact that the awards still do not have an official short-form name in the manner of "Oscar" for the Academy Awards,[4] while Norman Wilner of NOW criticized Mandel's "hacky crowd work and even hackier bits", concluding that "I'm sure this stuff kills at Casino Rama, but when you're supposed to be anchoring an awards show it just seems cheap and lazy."[5]

Both critics wrote that the broadcast's best moments came from various winners' moving and funny acceptance speeches, including Tatiana Maslany's emotional response to winning the award for Best Actress in a Film for The Other Half; Paul Sun-Hyung Lee's moving speech about how honoured he was to win Best Actor in a Comedy Series for Kim's Convenience, a series which celebrated the immigrant contribution to Canadian society; Christopher Plummer's grace and humility in accepting a lifetime achievement award; and Catherine O'Hara's decision to accept her award for Best Actress in a Comedy Series in character as Moira Rose from Schitt's Creek.[4][5]

At the broadcast, George Stroumboulopoulos announced that beginning in 2018, the Academy's annual award for Science or Nature Documentary Program would be named the Rob Stewart Award in memory of documentary filmmaker Rob Stewart, who died in January 2017.[6]


Motion Picture Direction
Actor in a leading role Actress in a leading role
Actor in a supporting role Actress in a supporting role
Original Screenplay Adapted Screenplay
Feature Length Documentary Short Documentary
Live Action Short Drama Animated Short
Art Direction/Production Design Cinematography
Costume Design Editing
Overall Sound Sound Editing
  • Blue ribbon Pierre-Jules Audet, Jérôme Décarie, Michelle Cloutier, Stan Sakell, Jean-François Sauvé, Mathieu Beaudin, François Senneville, Luc Raymond and Jean-Philippe Saint-Laurent, Race
  • Sylvain Brassard, Guy Francoeur, Benoît Dame and Guy Pelletier, It's Only the End of the World (Juste la fin du monde)
  • Sylvain Brassard, Guy Pelletier and Christian Rivest, King Dave
  • Matt Chan, James Patrick and Frieda Bay, Operation Avalanche
  • Miguel Nunes, Ryan Thompson, Gina Mueller and Maureen Murphy, The Unseen
Achievement in Music: Original Score Achievement in Music: Original Song
Make-Up Visual Effects
  • Blue ribbon Martin Lipmann, Cynthia Mourou, Benoît Touchette, Jonathan Piché-Delorme and Frédéric Breault, Race
  • Bob Habros, Adele Venables, Julika Pape, Milos Djakovic, Adam Kube, Mike Wearing and Richard Darwin, The Unseen
  • Tristan Zerafa, Operation Avalanche
Best Cinematography in a Documentary Best Editing in a Documentary
Best First Feature Golden Screen Award
John Dunning Discovery Award



Drama series Comedy series
Animated program or series Documentary program
Children's or youth fiction Children's or youth non-fiction
Dramatic Mini-Series or TV Movie History Documentary Program or Series
Performing arts program Lifestyle Program or Series
Music Program or Series Biography or Arts Documentary Program or Series
Pre-School Program or Series Reality/Competition Program or Series
Science or Nature Documentary Program or Series Social/Political Documentary Program (Donald Brittain Award)
Factual Program or Series Variety or sketch comedy program or series
Live entertainment special Talk program or series
Golden Screen Award for TV Drama/Comedy Golden Screen Award for TV Reality Show


Lead actor, drama Lead actress, drama
Lead actor, comedy Lead actress, comedy
Lead actor, television film or miniseries Lead actress, television film or miniseries
Supporting actor, drama Supporting actress, drama
Supporting actor, comedy Supporting actress, comedy
Performance in a children's or youth program or series Performance in a guest role, drama series
Performance in an animated program or series Performance in a variety or sketch comedy program or series

News and information[edit]

News special News reportage, local
News reportage, national Local newscast
National newscast News or information series
News anchor, local News anchor, national
Host or interviewer, news or information program or series News or information program
Host in a variety or reality competition program or series Host in a lifestyle, talk or entertainment news program or series
News or information segment


Live sporting event coverage Sports analysis or commentary
  • Blue ribbon Trevor Pilling, Chris Irwin, Paul McDougall, Mike Dodson, Don Peppin and Karen Sebesta, Rio 2016
  • Paul Graham and Jon Hynes, 2015 Grey Cup
  • Ed Hall, Mark Askin and Ron Forsythe, 2016 Stanley Cup Finals, Game 6
  • Dan Gladman, Aaron Lafontaine, Paul Graham and Dave Stiff, NBA Eastern Conference Finals Game 4
Sports host Sports play-by-play
Sports feature segment Sports opening
  • Blue ribbon Josh Shiaman, Rick Westhead, Jason Wessel, Darren Oliver and Kevin Fallis, "Radical Play"
  • Josh Shiaman, Jason Wessel, Kevin Fallis, Sara Orlesky and Brent Blanchard, "Believe in Ryp"
  • Josh Shiaman, Jason Wessel, Brent Blanchard, Michael Farber, Matt Dorman and Gary Hawke, "El Presidente"
  • Stephen Brunt, Robert MacAskill, Kirt Berry, Mike Fleury and Marc LeBlanc, "Gordie Howe"
  • Stephen Brunt, Stephen Paine, Paul Sidhu, Alvin Sison and Marc Leblanc, "Ali Essay"
  • Blue ribbon Jon Coleman, Phil Rzentkowski and Murray Wren, Toronto Raptors Playoff/Marcus Stroman
  • Phil Rzentkowski, Bryan Johnson and Murray Wren, Toronto Blue Jays Post Season Opening Tease
  • Chris Irwin, Tim Thompson and Jeff Shelegy, Rio 2016
  • Craig Chambers, Devon Burns and Brent Blanchard, Toronto Argonauts Season Opener
Sports program or series
  • Blue ribbon Stephen Brunt, Stephen Paine, Paul Sidhu, Alvin Sison, Steve Maich, Marc Leblanc, Muhammad Ali -The Greatest
  • Dugald Maudsley, P.J Naworynski, Marion Gruner, Mark Alberts, Jeff Morrow and Michael Grippo, Against All Odds: The RCAF Flyers
  • Robert Lang, Allen Booth and Rebecca Snow, The Equalizer
  • Ross Rheaume, Brent Blanchard, Michael Banani and Sean Pattendon, Journey to the Grey Cup: 2015 Edmonton Eskimos
  • Stephen Brunt, George Skoutakis, Marc Leblanc, Jason Wesel, Jimmy Yoo and Damian Kearns, Roberto Osuna: Sinaloa to the Show

Craft awards[edit]

Editorial research (Barbara Sears Award) Visual research (Barbara Sears Award)
Make-Up Costume Design
  • Blue ribbon Elizabeth Kuchurean, Frontier – "Mushkegowuk Esquewu"
  • Jenny Arbour and Linda Preston, Reign – "Clans"
  • Joanne Jacobsen and Jo-Dee Thomson, Wynonna Earp – "Digging Up Bones"
  • Deb Drennan and Shirley Bond, Murdoch Mysteries – "Summer of '75"
  • Lynda McCormack and Renee Chan, Dark Matter – "Welcome to Your New Home"
Photography in a comedy series Photography in a documentary program or factual series
  • Blue ribbon Mark Caswell, Real Vikings: Age of Invasion
  • Martin Buzora, Kenya Wildlife Diaries – "Vanishing Wilderness"
  • Hugo Kitching and Joshua J. See, The Nature of Things – "Moose: A Year in the Life of a Twig Eater"
  • Mark Ellam, Newfoundland at Armageddon
  • Barry Russell, Real Detective – "Darkness"
Photography in a drama program or series Photography in a lifestyle or reality program or series
  • Blue ribbon Ryan Shaw, The Amazing Race Canada – "Who's Ready to Let It All Hang Out?"
  • Colin Evans, Love It or List It Vacation Homes – "Kelly & Brent"
  • Wesley Legge and Brian Stewart, Masters of Flip – "Color Code"
  • Les Stroud, Survivorman – "Lost on Park Trails – Patagonia"
  • Devin Lund, Tornado Hunters – "The Manitoba Monster"
Photography in a news or information program, series or segment Photography in a variety or sketch comedy program or series
Editing in a comedy program or series Editing in a dramatic program or series
  • Blue ribbon Jay Prychidny, Orphan Black – "The Scandal of Altruism"
  • Aaron Marshall, Vikings – "The Profit and the Loss"
  • Christopher Donaldson, vikings – "Kill the Queen"
  • Don Cassidy, Vikings – "The Last Ship"
  • Arthur Tarnowski, 19–2 – "Burn Pile"
Editing in a variety or sketch comedy program or series Editing in a documentary program or series
Editing in a factual program or series Editing in a reality or competition program or series
  • Blue ribbon Sarah Cruise, This Is High School – "Grade 9 is the Worst Year"
  • Charles Fogel, Sarah Baptist and Morna Scott-Dunne, Marketplace – "Are We Racist?"
  • Derek Esposito, Hello Goodbye – "Second Chances"
  • Joshua Hendricks, Hello Goodbye – "Honour the Past"
  • Jason Schneider, Keeping Canada Alive – "Episode 1001"
  • Blue ribbon Mike Tersigni, Ben O'Neil, Burak Ozgan, Jonathan Dowler and Allan Hughes, The Amazing Race Canada – "Who's Ready to Let it All Hang Out"
  • Mike Tersigni, Al Manson, Jonathan Dowler, Dave McMahon, Ryan Monteith and Cynthia Flengeris, The Amazing Race Canada – "Second place Isn't Good Enough"
  • Al Manson, Jordan Wood, Ryan Monteith, Baun Mah, Jonathan Dowler and Dave McMahon, Big Brother Canada – "Finale"
  • Baun Mah, Chopped Canada – "Redemption: Gone Too Soon"
  • Miles Davren, Dave McMahon and Allan Hughes, Masterchef Canada – "Season 3 Finale"
Production design/art direction in a fiction program or series Production design/art direction in a non-fiction program or series
  • Blue ribbon John Dondertman and Liz Calderhead, Orphan Black – "Human Raw Material"
  • Aidan Leroux and Rob Hepburn, Reign – "Spiders in a Jar"
  • Armando Sgrignuoli and Kent McIntyre, Murdoch Mysteries – "24 Hours til Doomsday"
  • Gordon Barnes, Frontier – "A Kingdom Unto Itself"
  • Ian Brock and Andy Loew, Dark Matter – "Welcome to Your New Home"
Sound in a fiction program or series Sound in a non-fiction program or series
  • Blue ribbon Jane Tattersall, Steve Medeiros, Brennan Mercer, David McCallum, Dale Sheldrake, Martin Lee, Kirk Lynds, Yuri Gorbachow, Daniel Birch, Goro Koyama and Jack Heeren, Vikings – "The Last Ship"
  • Alan deGraaf, Mike Woroniuk, Kevin Howard, Nathan Robitaille, J.R. Fountain, Jill Purdy, Richard Calistan, Joe Mancuso, Steve Hammon, Erick Culp and Zenon Waschuk, X Company – "Butcher and Bolt"
  • Tom Bjelic, Brad Zoern, Christian T. Cooke, Peter Persaud, Steve Baine, Dale Lennon, Mike Mancuso and Rachelle Audet, Dark Matter – "We Voted Not to Space You"
  • John Laing, Dale Lennon, Tom Bjelic, Marilee Yorston, Chris Guglick, Shaun Gratto, Marco Difelice and Herwig Gayer, Orphan Black – "The Scandal of Altruism"
  • Robert Labrosse, Jean Camden, Guillaume Boursier, Martin M Messier, Sebastien Bedard, Sabin Hudon and Jacques Plante, 19–2 – "Burn Pile"
  • Blue ribbon Jeff Henschel and Ewan Deane, Sonic Magic: The Wonder and Science of Sound
  • Mark Krupka, The Amazing Race Canada – "Shine Your Light"
  • Ian Rodness, Steve Blair, Jeremy Kessler, Bruce Fleming and Dustin Harris, Guantanamo's Child: Omar Khadr
  • Chris McIntosh, Brayden McCluskey and Aaron Tchir, Highway Thru Hell – "War Zone"
  • Michael Filippov, Ryan Birnberg, Faustine Pelipel and Michael Bonini, Real Vikings: Age of Invasion
Sound in a variety or animated program or series Visual effects
  • Blue ribbon Dominic Remane, Bill Halliday, Michael Borrett, Kieran McKay, Jim Maxwell, Paul Wishart, Ovidiu Cinazan, Jeremy Dineen, Tom Morrison and Leann Harvey, Vikings – "The Last Ship"
  • Stephen Lebed, Jeff Skochko, Rob Vandenhoek, Max Bettie, Chris Cheeseman, Steve Ramone, JP Giamos, Mike Duffy, Dennis Ngariuku and Kristina Walker, Beauty and the Beast – "Au Revoir"
  • Michael Gibson, Tom Turnbull, Lara Osland, Anthony Paterson, Brandon Outhwaite, Shoban Narayanan, Tony Cybulski, Pranjal Choudhary, Geoff Marshall and Garloff Langenbeck, Killjoys – "How to Kill Friends and Influence People"
  • Geoff Scott, William Garrett, Sarah Wormsbecher, Eric Doiron, Nathan Larouche, Anthony DeChellis and Lon Molnar, Wynonna Earp – "I Walk the Line"
  • Geoff Scott, Sarah Wormsbecher, Eric Doiron, Nathan Larouche, Anthony DeChellis and Lon Molnar, Orphan Black – "From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths"
  • Blue ribbon Deirdre Bowen and Millie Tom, Kim's Convenience – "Frank & Nayoung"
  • Denise Chamain, Sara Kay, Jenny Lewis and Danielle Irvine, Frontier – "A Kingdom Unto Itself"
  • Deirdre Bowen, Frank Moiselle and Nuala Moiselle, Vikings – "Yol"
  • Jenny Lewis and Sara Kay, Letterkenny – "Rave"
  • Lisa Parasyn and Jon Comerford, Schitt's Creek – "Bob's Bagels"


Children's or youth Comedy
Documentary or factual series Documentary program
Dramatic program or mini–series Dramatic series
Lifestyle program or mini–series Live sporting event
  • Blue ribbon Frank Samson, Vikings: "Season 4 Special"
  • Andrew Gregg, Imagining Canada
  • Heather Hawthorn Doyle, Love It Or List It Vacation Homes: "Margaret and Barbara"
  • Jim Morrison, You Gotta Eat Here!: "Florence"
  • Les Stroud, Survivorman: "Lost on Park Trails: Patagonia"
Reality or competition program or series Variety or sketch comedy program or series
Animated program or series


Non-fiction program or series Original score for a program
Original score for a series


Children's or youth Comedy
Documentary Dramatic program or miniseries
Drama series Factual program or series
Lifestyle or reality/competition program or series Variety or sketch comedy program or series
Animated program or series

Digital media[edit]

Immersive Experience Original Interactive Production
Original Program or Series, fiction Original Program or Series, Non-Fiction
Cross-Platform Project, fiction Cross-Platform Project, Non-Fiction
Cross-Platform Project, Children's Direction
Actor Actress

Multiple nominations and awards[edit]

Films that received multiple nominations
Nominations Film
9 It's Only the End of the World
8 Race
6 Before the Streets
Operation Avalanche
5 Born to Be Blue
Old Stone
Films that received multiple awards
Awards Film
6 It's Only the End of the World
4 Race
2 Born to Be Blue
I Am the Blues
Two Lovers and a Bear

Special awards[edit]

Several special awards were given:[8]


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