5th Engineer Regiment (Australia)

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5th Engineer Regiment
Country Australia Australia
Branch Army
Type Royal Australian Engineers
Role Combat engineers, Construction engineers
Part of 5th Brigade, 2nd Division
Garrison/HQ Holsworthy, Australia
Motto(s) Ubique – Everywhere
Anniversaries 18 June (Waterloo Dinner)
Current commander Lieutenant-Colonel Andrew Johnson (1 January 2015 – Present)
Unit Colour Patch 5cer colour patch.PNG
Abbreviation 5 ER

5th Engineer Regiment is a Reserve unit of the Royal Australian Engineers. Originally raised as the "5th Combat Engineer Regiment", it is based in Holsworthy, Sydney, with one of its sub-units based at the multi-user depot HMAS Harman, in Canberra and another at Orchard Hills in western Sydney.

In late 2013, the regiment was reorganised, when two sub-units – 101st Construction Squadron and the Littoral and Riverine Survey Squadron – were transferred from the 21st Construction Regiment, following the decision to disband that unit. The regiment subsequently assumed the designation of the "5th Engineer Regiment".[1] The LRSS was transferred to the School of Military Engineering in January 2016.


  • Regimental HQ[2]
    • 4 Combat Engineer Squadron
      • 4 Troop (Canberra)
      • 5 Troop (Canberra)
    • 5 Combat Engineer Squadron
      • 1 Troop (Orchard Hills)
      • 2 Troop (Holsworthy)
    • 101 Construction Squadron
      • Plant Troop (Holsworthy)
      • Construction Troop (Holsworthy)
      • Resources Troop (Holsworthy)
    • Littoral and Riverine Survey Squadron (Holsworthy)

The Regiment's primary role is to provide engineer support to the 5th Brigade.


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