5th Military Region (Vietnam People's Army)

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The 5th Military Region of Vietnam People's Army, is directly under the Ministry of Defence of Vietnam, tasked to organise, build, manage and command armed forces defending the South Central Vietnam include the Tây Nguyên and southern central coastal provinces. In the period of Vietnam War, 5th Military Zone included the coastal provinces of Middle Central Vietnam, 6th Military Zone included the old South Central Vietnam (including Ninh Thuận Province, Bình Thuận Province, Lâm Đồng Province, Đắk Nông Province today) and the front Tây Nguyên (Northern and Central of Tây Nguyên) was merged into 5th Military Zone after Vietnam unification.


  • Department of Staff
  • Department of Politics
    • Division of Organisation
    • Division of Cadre
    • Division of Policy
    • Division of Propogendar and Training
    • Division of Thoughts and Culture
    • Military Court of Military Zone
    • Military Procuratorate of Military Zone
    • Military Museum of 5th Military Zone
    • Newspaper of 5th Military Zone
    • Troupe of 5th Military Zone
  • Department of Logistics
  • Department of Technology
  • Office of Command of 5th Military Zone


Successive Commander and Leadership[edit]


Political Commissioners, Deputy Commanders of Politics[edit]


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