5th Overseas Interarms Regiment

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5e régiment interarmes d’outre-mer
5e régiment interarmes d’outre-mer 1.png
Regimental insigne
Active 1890 - present
Country France
Allegiance France
Branch French Army,
Type Troupes de Marine
Role Combined Regiment
Light Cavalry
Garrison/HQ Djibouti
Motto(s) "Proud and Strong"
Colors Red and blue
Anniversaries 1 September (Battle of Bazeilles)
Beret badge of the Troupes de Marine Troupe-de-marine-béret.jpg
Abbreviation RIOM

The 5th Overseas Interarmes Regiment (in French 5eme Regiment Interarmes d'Outre Mer (or RIOM)) is a troupes de marine regiment stationed in Djibouti. It has been the Djibouti garrison since 1 November 1969.

It is the last combined arms regiment in the French army comprising a mechanised infantry company, a light cavalry squadron, an artillery battery and a command and support company.

Recent commanding officers[edit]

  • 1985–1987: Colonel Kelche
  • 1987–1989: Colonel Coste
  • 1989–1991: Colonel Delort
  • 1991–1993: Colonel de Saqui de Sannes
  • 1993–1995: Colonel Bidard
  • 1995–1997: Colonel Boulnois
  • 1997–1999: Colonel Clément-Bollée
  • 1999–2001: Colonel de Bourdoncle de Saint Salvy
  • 2001–2003: Colonel Boubée de Gramont
  • 2003–2005: Colonel Toutous
  • 2005–2007: Colonel Bucquet
  • 2007–2009: Colonel Millot
  • 2009–: Colonel Gauthier


Based at Quartier Brière de l'Isle. The Regiment is made up of:

Since 1 August 2008, the Aviation Battalion Light Djibouti (MNAAvBn) equipped with Puma and Gazelle helicopters has been attached to the 5th RIAOM.

Flag of the regiment[edit]

5e regiment interarmes d'outre-mer - drapeau.svg


Sources and bibliography[edit]

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