5th Parliament of the Province of Canada

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The 5th Parliament of the Province of Canada was in session from 1854 to November 1857. Elections for the Legislative Assembly were held in the Province of Canada in July 1854. Sessions were held in Quebec City until 1856 and then in Toronto.

In 1854-55, measures were introduced to abolish seigneurial tenure in Canada East and the clergy reserves in Canada West. The Canadian-American Reciprocity Treaty was negotiated in 1854. In 1855, a bill was passed to make the Legislative Council an elected body, effective the following year. The Audit Act of 1855 established an auditor of public accounts and the Audit Board, a new government department, which reviewed the public accounts.

The Speaker of this parliament was Louis-Victor Sicotte.

Canada East[edit]

Riding Member Party
Argenteuil Sydney Robert Bellingham Reformer
Bagot Timothée Brodeur Reformer
Beauce Dunbar Ross Rouge
Beauharnois Charles Daoust Rouge
Bellechasse Octave-Cyrille Fortier (1854) [1] Bleu
Berthier Pierre-Eustache Dostaler Reformer
Bonaventure John Meagher Reformer
Chambly Noël Darche Rouge
Champlain Thomas Marchildon Rouge
Châteauguay Jacob De Witt Rouge
Chicoutimi and Tadoussac Augustin-Norbert Morin [2] Reformer
David Edward Price (1855) Conservative
Compton John Sewell Sanborn Liberal
Deux-Montagnes Jean-Baptiste Daoust Reformer
Dorchester Barthélemy Pouliot Reformer
Drummond—Arthabaska Jean-Baptiste-Éric Dorion Rouge
Gaspé John Le Boutillier Reformer
Hochelaga Joseph Laporte Reformer
Huntingdon Robert Brown Somerville Independent
Iberville Charles Laberge Rouge
Jacques-Cartier [3] Michel-François Valois Rouge
Joliette Joseph-Hilarion Jobin Rouge
Kamouraska Jean-Charles Chapais Reformer
Laprairie Thomas-Jean-Jacques Loranger Independent
L'Assomption[4] Joseph Papin Rouge
Laval Pierre Labelle Bleu
Lévis François-Xavier Lemieux Reformer
L'Islet Charles-François Fournier Reformer
Lotbinière John O'Farrell Moderate
Maskinongé Joseph-Édouard Turcotte Reformer
Mégantic William Rhodes Reformer
East Missisquoi James Moir Ferres Tory
West Missisquoi Hannibal Hodges Whitney Reformer
Montcalm Joseph Dufresne Bleu
Montmagny Louis-Napoléon Casault Moderate
Montmorency Joseph-Édouard Cauchon Reformer
Montreal Antoine-Aimé Dorion Rouge
Montreal Luther Hamilton Holton Rouge
Montreal John Young Rouge
Nicolet Thomas Fortier Reformer
Napierville Jacques-Olivier Bureau Rouge
Ottawa Alanson Cooke Rouge
Pontiac John Egan [5] Reformer
George Bryson (1857) Conservative
Portneuf Joseph-Élie Thibaudeau Reformer
Quebec County Pierre-Joseph-Olivier Chauveau [6] Reformer
François Évanturel (1855) Bleu
Quebec City Jean Chabot [7] Reformer
Georges-Honoré Simard (1856) Bleu
Quebec City Jean Blanchet [8] Reformer
George Okill Stuart (1857) Conservative
Quebec City Charles Joseph Alleyn Conservative
Richelieu Jean-Baptiste Guévremont Moderate
Rimouski Joseph-Charles Taché [9] Reformer
Michel-Guillaume Baby (1857) Bleu
Rouville Joseph-Napoléon Poulin [10] Reformer
William Henry Chaffers (1856) Rouge
Saguenay Pierre-Gabriel Huot Independent
St. Hyacinthe Louis-Victor Sicotte Liberal
Saint-Jean François Bourassa Rouge
Saint-Maurice Louis-Léon Lesieur Desaulniers Reformer
Shefford Lewis Thomas Drummond Liberal
Sherbrooke Alexander Tilloch Galt Independent
Sherbrooke (county) and Wolfe William Locker Pickmore Felton Conservative
Soulanges Luc-Hyacinthe Masson Reformer
Stanstead Timothy Lee Terrill Moderate
Témiscouata Benjamin Dionne Reformer
Terrebonne Gédéon-Mélasippe Prévost [11] Rouge
Louis-Siméon Morin (1857) Bleu
Trois-Rivières Antoine Polette Reformer
Vaudreuil Jean-Baptiste Mongenais Reformer
Verchères George-Étienne Cartier Reformer
Yamaska Ignace Gill Conservative


Canada West[edit]

Riding Member Party
East Brant Daniel McKerlie [12] Conservative
David Christie (1855) Clear Grit
West Brant Herbert Biggar Reformer
Brockville George Crawford Conservative
Bytown Agar Yielding Conservative
Carleton William F. Powell Conservative
Cornwall Roderick McDonald Clear Grit
Dundas John Pliny Crysler Conservative
East Durham Francis H. Burton Conservative
West Durham Henry Munro Reformer
East Elgin George Southwick Reformer
West Elgin George Macbeth Conservative
Essex Arthur Rankin Conservative
Frontenac Henry Smith, Jr Conservative
Glengarry John Sandfield Macdonald Clear Grit
Grenville William Patrick Reformer
Grey George Jackson Reformer
Haldimand William Lyon Mackenzie Reformer
Halton George King Chisholm Conservative
Hamilton Allan Napier MacNab Conservative
North Hastings Edmund Murney [13] Conservative
George Benjamin (1856) Conservative
South Hastings Billa Flint Clear Grit
Huron & Bruce William Cayley Tory
Kent Edwin Larwill Conservative
Kingston John A. Macdonald Conservative
Lambton George Brown Reformer
North Lanark Robert Bell Reformer
South Lanark James Shaw Conservative
North Leeds & Grenville Basil R. Church Reformer
South Leeds Jesse Delong Reformer
Lennox & Addington David Roblin Reformer
Lincoln William Hamilton Merritt Clear Grit
London John Wilson Conservative
East Middlesex William E. Niles Reformer
West Middlesex John Scatcherd Clear Grit
Niagara (town) Joseph Curran Morrison Reformer
Norfolk John Rolph Clear Grit
East Northumberland James Ross
West Northumberland Sidney Smith Reformer
North Ontario Joseph Gould Reformer
South Ontario John McVeagh Lumsden Clear Grit
North Oxford Donald Matheson Clear Grit
South Oxford Ephraim Cook[14] Clear Grit
Peel [15] James Cox Aikins Clear Grit
Perth Thomas Mayne Daly Reformer
Peterborough John Langton [16] Conservative
Wilson Seymour Conger (1856) Conservative
Prescott Henry Wellesly McCann Conservative
Prince Edward David Barker Stevenson Conservative
Renfrew Francis Hincks [17] Reformer
John Supple (1856)
Russell George Byron Lyon-Fellowes Conservative
North Simcoe Angus Morrison Reformer
South Simcoe William Benjamin Robinson Conservative
Stormont William Mattice Clear Grit
Toronto John George Bowes Conservative
Toronto John Hillyard Cameron Conservative
Victoria James Smith Reformer
North Waterloo Michael Hamilton Foley Reformer
South Waterloo Robert Ferris Clear Grit
Welland John Fraser Reformer
North Wellington William Clarke Conservative
South Wellington Adam Johnston Fergusson Blair Reformer
North Wentworth Robert Spence Independent
South Wentworth Samuel B Freeman Reformer
East York Amos Wright Reformer
North York Joseph Hartman Reformer
South York John William Gamble Tory


Preceded by
4th Parliament of the Province of Canada
Parliaments in the Province of Canada
Succeeded by
6th Parliament of the Province of Canada


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  2. ^ resigned for health reasons in January 1855; David Edward Price was elected in a by-election held in April 1855.
  3. ^ formerly Montreal (county)
  4. ^ formerly Leinster
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  11. ^ resigned his seat in 1857 to allow Louis-Siméon Morin to be elected.
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  13. ^ resigned; George Benjamin was elected to the seat in a by-election in 1856.
  14. ^ Francis Hincks, elected in both South Oxford & Renfrew, chose to sit for Renfrew; Ephraim Cook elected in October 1854
  15. ^ formerly West York
  16. ^ resigned his seat to become auditor general; Wilson Seymour Conger was elected in a by-election held in 1856.
  17. ^ resigned his seat in November 1855; John Supple was elected in a by-election in the following year.

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