5th Queens

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5th Queens
Prince Edward Island electoral district
PEI 5 Queens.gif
Primary map depicts original boundaries; inset depicts boundaries after creation of 6th Queens in 1966
Defunct provincial electoral district
Legislature Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island
District created 1873
First contested 1873
Last contested 1993
Census divisions Queens County
Census subdivisions Charlottetown

5th Queens was an electoral district in the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island, which elected two members to the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island from 1873 to 1993. The district was also known as Charlottetown Common until 1939.

Until 1966, the district comprised the entire city of Charlottetown. For that year's provincial election, the district was split, and 5th Queens comprised the eastern half of the city for the remainder of its existence. The western half of Charlottetown became the new district of 6th Queens.

The district was abolished in 1996.


Dual member[edit]

Assembly Years Member Party Member Party
26th 1873-1876
27th 1876-1879
28th 1879-1882
29th 1882-1886
30th 1886-1890
31st 1890-1893


Assembly Years Assemblyman Party Councillor Party
32nd 1893-1897
33rd 1897-1900
34th 1900-1904
35th 1904-1908
36th 1908-1912
37th 1912-1915
38th 1915-1919
39th 1919-1922
40th 1923-1927
41st 1927-1931
42nd 1931-1935
43rd 1935-1939
44th 1939-1943
45th 1943-1947
46th 1947-1951
47th 1951-1955
48th 1955-1959
49th 1959-1962
50th 1962-1966
51st 1966-1970
52nd 1970-1974
53rd 1974-1978
54th 1978-1979
55th 1979-1982
56th 1982-1986
57th 1986-1989
58th 1989-1993
59th 1993-1996