5th Spetsnaz Brigade

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5th Spetsnaz Brigade
5-а асобна брыгада спецыяльнага прызначэння.jpg
Active1963 – present
Country Soviet Union (1963–1991)
 Belarus (1992–present)
BranchSoviet Army (1963–1991)
Special Forces of Belarus (1992–present)
TypeSpecial forces
Garrison/HQMarina Gorka
Motto(s)Anywhere, anytime, any problem
Alexey Popov

The 5th Spetsnaz Brigade is a special forces brigade of the Armed Forces of Belarus, formerly part of the Soviet Spetsnaz GRU.


It was formed at Maryina Gorka, Minsk Oblast, 1 January 1963 as the 5th Special Forces Brigade GRU. It initially had two battalions. On 3 April 1978 renamed 5th independent Special Forces Brigade GRU.[1] Took the oath of allegiance to Belarus on 31 December 1992, now part of the Special Forces of Belarus (ru:Силы специальных операций ВС РБ) along with two brigades formerly part of the 103rd Guards Airborne Division.


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