5th World Scout Jamboree

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5th World Scout Jamboree
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Countrythe Netherlands
Attendance28,750 Scouts
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The 5th World Scout Jamboree (Dutch: 5e Wereldjamboree) was the World Scout Jamboree where 81-year-old Robert Baden-Powell gave his farewell.[1]

Organizational details[edit]

The Jamboree in Vogelenzang, Bloemendaal in the Netherlands was opened on July 31, 1937 by Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, with 28,750 Scouts from 54 countries attending. Given 650 water taps and 120 showers, it was considered the cleanest jamboree to date. The main camp was at Vogelenzang, the Sea Scout camp was at Bennebroek, now both part of the municipality Bloemendaal.[2] The host site was on the farm of the Vertegaal family.[citation needed]


The symbol used for the world jamboree is the Jacob's staff, which was used during the exploration of new territories in the Age of Discovery by Dutch sailors. The ten arms symbolize the ten articles of the Scout Law. After this jamboree, the Jacob's staff became the award of gratitude for the Netherlands Scout organizations. Wooden versions were given to Scouts who had supported the jamboree organization. Later on, the silver and gold Jacob's staff became official awards of gratitude in the Dutch national Scouts organization.


The camp consisted of 12 subcamps, each with its own badge color:


The net results of this stamp was used to pay the trip of the Netherlands East Indies Boy Scouts to the 5th World Scout Jamboree[4]

Girls and Cub Scouts[edit]

Although girls did not participate in the jamboree (until the 16th World Scout Jamboree in Australia), they were allowed to give a salute to Olave Baden-Powell, their Chief Guide. Also a special Cub Scout day was organized during the jamboree.

Closure and farewell[edit]

At the closure of the event on August 9, 1937, Baden-Powell pointed out the symbol of this jamboree: the Jacob's Staff and took his farewell.[5]

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Notable Scouts/visitors[edit]

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