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Origin South Korea
Genres K-pop
Years active 2000–2006[1]
Labels Kstory Entertainment[2]
Japan Akatsuki Label[3]
Website http://www.5tionstory.com/
Members Son Il-Kwon
Oh Byung-Jin
Hyeon Lee

5tion is a Korean pop group popular during the early 2000s. The group's name is pronounced 'Ocean' as a play on words with the Korean word for '5' being 'Oh'.


In 2004, two members Lee Hyun & Hwang Sung-hwan (John) spun off into a project group called 'After Rain'.[4]

In mid-2010, Hwang Sung-hwan (John) departed and formed 2nise with Hohyeon & Jogeun.[5]

Later in September 2010, 5tion made a comeback as a three-member group consisting of Hwang Sung-hwan (John), Lee Hyun & Woo Il.[6]

In March 2012, the group made another comeback with a new member roster and stage names, reuniting three original members (Oh Byung-jin, Lee Hyun & Son Il-kwon) with two new members (LEN & Boseok). Wanting to reach out to the international fanbase, member names were changed to be more foreign sounding. Oh Byung-jin would be known as 'Cain', Son Il-kwon would be 'Roy' and Lee Hyun was shortened to 'Hyun'. Originally a ballad group, the return saw a change to dance music.[1][2]


  • Son Il-Kwon (손일권)
  • Oh Byung-Jin (오병진)
  • Hyun Lee (이현)(Formerly of After Rain)
  • LEN
  • Boseok
  • John / 황성환 / Hwang Seong Hwan (Formerly of After Rain & 2NISE)[7]
  • Woo Il / 우일
  • Yoo Seok-Ho


  • True Image of New, 2001
  • Album of the Year, 2002
  • Deal In Coal, 2006
  • Rebirth, 2012


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