6007th Reconnaissance Group

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6007th Reconnaissance Group
7407th Support Squadron RB-57A-1 1956.jpg
RB-57A-1 Heartthrob reconnaissance aircraft
Active 1950-1957
Country United States
Branch United States Air Force
Role reconnaissance
6007th Reconnaissance Group emblem 6007th Reconnaissance Group - Emblem.png

The 6007th Reconnaissance Group is an inactive United States Air Force unit. Its last was assigned to the 6007th Reconnaissance Wing, stationed at Yokota Air Base, Japan. It was discontinued on 9 August 1957.


Performed highly classified missions over the Soviet Union and Communist China and reconnaissance monitoring of the Korean De-militarized Zone (DMZ) during the early years of the Cold War. In 1955, the unit was equipped with Martin RB-57A-1 Canberra aircraft. The RB-57A-1s were RB-57A modified under Project Lightweight (later Project Heartthrob) with more powerful J65 engines, crew reduced from two to one, and all items not essential for the daytime photographic mission removed.[1]

Inactivated in 1957, mission taken over by the 67th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing

It should be noted that much of this unit's history remains classified as of 2012.[2]


  • Designated as the 6007th Composite Reconnaissance Group, and organized on 11 August 1954
Redesignated 6007th Reconnaissance Group (Composite) on 1 September 1954
Discontinued on 9 August 1957



  • 6021st Photographic Mapping Flight (Tactical Reconnaissance), 1 December 1953 (Attached from Fifth Air Force)
Redesignated: 6021st Reconnaissance Squadron, 1 March 1955-9 August 1957
Attached to 67th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing: 1 July-9 August 1957
  • 6023d Radar Evaluation Flight, 18 March 1954 – 3 July 1956 (Attached from Fifth Air Force)
  • 6091st Reconnaissance Flight, 1 December 1953 (Attached from Fifth Air Force)
Redesignated: 6091st Reconnaissance Squadron, 20 December 1954-9 August 1957
Attached to 67th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing: 1 July-9 August 1957


  • Yokota AB, Japan, 11 August 1954 – 9 August 1957


6091st Reconnaissance Squadron[edit]

6021st Reconnaissance Squadron[edit]

6023d Radar Evaluation Flight[edit]

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