601 Commando Company

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601 Commando Company
Compañía de Comandos 601
Active 1978 - 1982
1982 - present (current form)
Country  Argentina
Branch Ejercito Argentino Escudo.pngArgentine Army
Type Special Forces
Role Special Reconnaissance
Light Infantry
Air Assault
Airborne Operations
Size Company
Part of Special Operations Forces Group
Garrison/HQ Campo de Mayo, Buenos Aires
Motto(s) "
Colors "Pugna usque ad mortem pro veritatem"
Engagements Falklands War-Tablada
Lt.Col. Mohamed Alí Seineldín
Maj. Mario Castagneto

The 601 Commando Company (Spanish: Compañía de Comandos 601) is a special operations unit of the Argentine Army.


Created on 5 January 1982. It was based on the original "Equipo Especial Halcón 8" created by Lt. Colonel Mohamed Alí Seineldín in 1978.

Falkland War[edit]

The commander of this unit in the Falklands War (Spanish: Guerra de las Malvinas) was 34-year-old Major Mario Castagneto. The Company was divided in three assault sections. One of the sections shot down a RAF Harrier GR3 at Port Howard and defeated an SAS patrol near Many Branch Ridge, in West Falkland. Captain Gavin Hamilton was killed in this action.

On 7 June members of the company uncovered a British Observation Post near Murrell Bridge, northwest of Stanley, which was manned by members of the 3rd Battalion of the Parachute Regiment, at the approximated position 51°39′25″S 57°55′11″W / 51.65694°S 57.91972°W / -51.65694; -57.91972. After a gun-battle lasting some 40 minutes,[1] the British abandoned the outpost, leaving behind much of their equipment. The outcome of this engagement compelled the British to set Observation Posts closer to their own lines.[2]

According to the British version of events:

On 6 June two patrols under Corporals Brown and Haddon rendezvoused 200 yards north of the Murrell Bridge and observed an enemy patrol crossing the skyline to the east of the river (...) They were forced to evacuate their position rapidly, leaving behind their packs and radio, but succeeded in withdrawing without suffering any casualties. The location was checked on the evening of 8 June by another patrol, but there was no sign of the packs or radio, which meant the battalion's radio net could have been compromised.[3]

21st century[edit]

The company is based on Campo de Mayo, Buenos Aires Province and is under the command of the Rapid Deployment Force as part of the Special Operations Forces Group.

Unit insignia[edit]

The members of the unit wear green berets with unit badges.

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