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60 Cycle is an American rock band from Los Angeles, California, United States, formed in 1993. The band's line-up included founder and principal song writer Joey Rubenstein (lead vocals, guitar), Troy Van Leeuwen (guitar, backing vocals), Glen Vagas (bass guitar,), and Kelli Scott (drums).

60 Cycle developed a style of power pop/punk music and was known for its unique melodic song craft and tight live performances. The group released one self-titled record produced by then unknown Josh Abraham before disbanding in 1996. The band contributed a song titled Strapper to the soundtrack of the 1998 film Boogie Boy starring Joan Jett and Traci Lords.[1] After the group's demise, Van Leeuwen and scott went on to tour with the band Failure while Rubenstein joined the group Fluorescein. Both of these outfits garnered major label recording contracts and moderate touring success. Rubenstein later developed a career as a composer for film and television while Van Leeuwen went on to play with notable acts such as A Perfect Circle. Van Leeuwen is currently a member of Queens of the Stone Age.[2]


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