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60 Cycle is an American rock band from Los Angeles, California, United States, formed in 1993. The band's line-up included founder and principal songwriter Joey Rubenstein[1][2][3](lead vocals, guitar), Troy Van Leeuwen (guitar, backing vocals), Glen Vagas (bass guitar,), and Kelli Scott (drums).

60 Cycle developed a style of power pop/punk music and was known for its unique melodic song craft and tight live performances. Before disbanding in 1996, the group released one self-titled record[4] produced by Josh Abraham. The band contributed a song titled "Strapper" to the soundtrack of the 1998 film Boogie Boy starring Joan Jett and Traci Lords.[5]

After the group's demise, Van Leeuwen and Scott[6] went on to tour with the band Failure [7][8] while Rubenstein[9] joined the group Fluorescein.[10] Both of these outfits garnered major label recording contracts and moderate touring success. Rubenstein later developed a career as a composer for film and television while Van Leeuwen [11] went on to play with notable acts such as A Perfect Circle and Queens of the Stone Age.[12]


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