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613style is an Ottawa based blog that covers all things fashion and beauty related. Local Ottawa talent and events are also covered and photographed. In the blogosphere 613style is also becoming an ‘advanced celebrity blog’[1] that gets up to date information on Canadian celebrities.

Majority of the readers are affluent females, aged 18–29, who love to shop and spend at least 40 hours a week online.


Originally owned by Jamie Blades, in 2010, 613style was trying to established itself as a lifestyle and fashion blog in the Ottawa area.

613style was a ‘nearly abandoned website’[2] by the time that Grace Odumo had ‘stumbled upon’ it.[3] In hopes to save it she started writing for the original owner in 2011.

After Odumo ‘spoke out against Elle (magazine) Canada about an article they published about American singer Beyonce Knowles[4] that called her a ‘hot baby mama’.[5] Odumo wrote an article about it on 613style criticizing Elle (magazine) Canada and they ‘issued an apology that caused 613style to garner over 50,000 hits in a single day.’[6] Elle (magazine) Canada eventually replied directly to 613style: In response to 613Style.com’s post on our Facebook page, we would like to genuinely apologize for any offense we may have caused in our Beyonce post. In truth, we never intended to use words that had any remote racial connotation to them and we are sorry to anyone who thought us using such phraseology was an insult and a derogatory term. We refrained from deleting the post as we didn’t want to censor our followers opinions and thoughts on the matter. We didn’t intentionally keep the post live on our site for malicious reasons. To all we’ve offended, please accept our sincere apologies. Lara[7] This is what led to Odumo buying the website herself.

Blog Revamp[edit]

During Invest Ottawa’s Global Entrepreneurship Week (November 12–17, 2012) announced that 613style was selected as one of their 100 Rising Stars.[8] During the Entrepreneurship celebration an interview with Odumo announced new ownership of the blog.[9]

With the new purchase of the blog Odumo wanted to revamp it entirely including a new layout and logo. There are still hopes for the blog to venture into e-commerce.[10]

During the summer of 2012 Odumo ‘posted ads asking for help in revamping and redeveloping 613style as a brand’[11] After finding the top three contributors Odumo ‘and a bunch of Js’[12] helped in redesigning the blog.


‘The new logo of the woman with a laptop on a couch’[13] officially rebranded the blog as a business.


  • Grace Odumo, Editor-in-Chief (2010–Present)
  • Jasmin Bollman, Beauty Editor (August 2012 – September 2013)
  • Janice Gourgues, Lifestyle & Events (August 2012 – September 2013)
  • Julia Agris, Fashion & Music Editor & Photographer (August 2012 – September 2013)
  • Interns
    • Jenna Bilmer (February 2013 – Present)
    • Kami Marchand (February 2013 – Present)


The blog covers every ‘minor and major event in Ottawa’[14] while doing reviews, brand spotlights and local talent interviews.


Michael Kors, Schad, Ford, Danier, Place d'Orléans, Made in Blog, ALDO, Little Burgundy


Recently Michael Kors contacted 613style to partner up and ‘livestream the American designer’s Fall/Winter 2013 collection’[15] which opened up ‘multimedia opportunities’.[16] Currently in the works, 613styleTV was inspired by the collaboration with Michael Kors and the world of YouTube.


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