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620 Park Avenue is a luxury apartment building on Park Avenue in Manhattan.


620 Park Avenue was designed by J.E.R. Carpenter and constructed by Starrett Brothers construction in 1924. It features a limestone facade on the two lowest floors and a brick exterior for the upper 13 floors. It is a 15 story building featuring just 15 units each composed of a full floor. In recent years it has become known for its conservative and often exclusionary co-op board and is known to avoid famous or notorious residents.

Notable residents[edit]

In popular culture[edit]

In the 1999 American film Being John Malkovich, 620 Park Avenue is featured as the home of John Malkovich.[citation needed]


Coordinates: 40°46′1.2″N 73°58′1.9″W / 40.767000°N 73.967194°W / 40.767000; -73.967194