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The 624th Operations Center (624 OC) located at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas serves as the 24 AF's operational arm to provide a robust full-spectrum and integrated cyberspace operations capability. The 624 OC interfaces with theater and functional Air Operations Centers to establish, plan, direct, coordinate, assess, and command & control cyber operations in support of AF and Joint warfighting requirements.[1]

On 20 August 2009, the Secretary of the Air Force issued a letter [1] announcing the re-alignment of Air Force Cyberspace activities. The letter announced the inactivation of the 608th Air Force Network Operations Center, and activation the 624th Operations Center. In addition, the new 624th Operations Center would report to Twenty-Fourth Air Force, Air Force Space Command (a change of reporting from Eighth Air Force, Air Combat Command).


  • Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Division (ISRD)
  • Strategy Division (SRD)
  • Combat Plans Division (CPD)
  • Combat Operations Division (COD)[2]
  • Cyber Coordination Cell (CRC)
  • Air Communications Division (ACOMD)

A new emblem for the unit was posted to the website of The Institute of Heraldry on 23 April 2012.[3]


  • Designated as 145th Airways and Air Communications Service Squadron on 14 May 1948.
  • Organized on 1 Jun 1948.
  • Redesignated as 1957th Airways and Air Communications Service Squadron on 1 Oct 1948;
  • Redesignated as 1957th Airways and Air Communications Service Group on 18 Sep 1959;
  • Redesignated as Headquarters, 1957th Airways and Air Communications Service Group on 8 Oct 1959;
  • Redesignated as Headquarters, 1957 Communications Group on 1 Jul 1961;
  • Redesignated as 1957th Information Systems Group on 1 Aug 1984;
  • Redesignated as 1957th Communications Group on 1 Nov 1986.
  • Inactivated on 13 Apr 1992.
  • Redesignated as 624th Operations Center on 11 Aug 2009.
  • Activated on 18 Aug 2009.[4]


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