62nd General Assembly of Nova Scotia

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62nd General Assembly of Nova Scotia is the current assembly of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly that was determined in the 2013 Nova Scotia election. The assembly opened on October 24, 2013.[1]

Seating Plan[edit]

Younger Harrison Lohr
Mombourquette Wilson MacMaster Houston MacFarlane Orrell Peterson-Rafuse Belliveau Vacant
Wilton Rankin MacLeod Dunn BAILLIE d'Entremont Wilson Mancini Zann
Churchill Bernard Regan Samson MCNEIL Whalen Glavine Delorey Casey MacLellan Colwell
Arab Farrell Furey Kousoulis Ince Diab Hines Miller Stroink Horne
Maguire Porter Jessome Lohnes-Croft Ekying Irving Gough Treen

List of members[edit]

Riding Member Party Notes
     Annapolis Stephen McNeil Liberal
     Antigonish Randy Delorey Liberal
     Argyle-Barrington Chris d'Entremont Progressive Conservative
     Bedford Kelly Regan Liberal
     Cape Breton Centre Frank Corbett NDP Resigned April 2, 2015.
     David Wilton Liberal Elected in a by-election on July 14, 2015.
     Cape Breton-Richmond Michel Samson Liberal
     Chester-St. Margaret's Denise Peterson-Rafuse NDP
     Clare-Digby Gordon Wilson Liberal
     Clayton Park West Diana Whalen Liberal
     Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley Larry Harrison Progressive Conservative
     Colchester North Karen Casey Liberal
     Cole Harbour-Eastern Passage Joyce Treen Liberal
     Cole Harbour-Portland Valley Tony Ince Liberal
     Cumberland North Terry Farrell Liberal
     Cumberland South Jamie Baillie Progressive Conservative
     Dartmouth East Andrew Younger Liberal Removed from caucus November 5, 2015
     Dartmouth North Joanne Bernard Liberal
     Dartmouth South Allan Rowe Liberal Died in office on March 16, 2015.
     Marian Mancini NDP Elected in a by-election on July 14, 2015.
     Eastern Shore Kevin Murphy Liberal
     Fairview-Clayton Park Patricia Arab Liberal
     Glace Bay Geoff MacLellan Liberal
     Guysborough–Eastern Shore–Tracadie Lloyd Hines Liberal
     Halifax Armdale Lena Diab Liberal
     Halifax Atlantic Brendan Maguire Liberal
     Halifax Chebucto Joachim Stroink Liberal
     Halifax Citadel-Sable Island Labi Kousoulis Liberal
     Halifax Needham Maureen MacDonald NDP Resigned April 12, 2016
     Hammonds Plains-Lucasville Ben Jessome Liberal
     Hants East Margaret Miller Liberal
     Hants West Chuck Porter Progressive Conservative Removed from caucus June 13, 2014
     Liberal Joined Liberal caucus on February 17, 2016
     Inverness Allan MacMaster Progressive Conservative
     Kings North John Lohr Progressive Conservative
     Kings South Keith Irving Liberal
     Kings West Leo Glavine Liberal
     Lunenburg Suzanne Lohnes-Croft Liberal
     Lunenburg West Mark Furey Liberal
     Northside-Westmount Eddie Orrell Progressive Conservative
     Pictou Centre Pat Dunn Progressive Conservative
     Pictou East Tim Houston Progressive Conservative
     Pictou West Karla MacFarlane Progressive Conservative
     Preston-Dartmouth Keith Colwell Liberal
     Queens-Shelburne Sterling Belliveau NDP
     Sackville-Beaver Bank Stephen Gough Liberal
     Sackville-Cobequid Dave Wilson NDP
     Sydney-Whitney Pier Gordie Gosse NDP Resigned on April 2, 2015.
     Derek Mombourquette Liberal Elected in a by-election on July 14, 2015.
     Sydney River-Mira-Louisbourg Alfie MacLeod Progressive Conservative
     Timberlea-Prospect Iain Rankin Liberal
     Truro-Bible Hill-Millbrook-Salmon River Lenore Zann NDP
     Victoria-The Lakes Pam Eyking Liberal
     Waverley-Fall River-Beaverbank Bill Horne Liberal
     Yarmouth Zach Churchill Liberal

Membership changes in the 62nd Assembly[edit]

Number of members
per party by date
2013 2014 2015 2016
Oct 8 Jun 13 Mar 16 Apr 2 Jul 14 Nov 5 Feb 17 Apr 12
     Liberal 33 32 34 33 34
     Progressive Conservative 11 10
     NDP 7 5 6 5
     Independent 0 1 2 1
Total members 51 50 48 51 50
Vacant 0 1 3 0 1
Membership changes in the 62nd General Assembly
Date Name District Party Reason
October 8, 2013 See list of members Election day of the 39th Nova Scotia general election
     June 13, 2014 Chuck Porter Hants West Independent Removed from the Progressive Conservative caucus
     March 16, 2015 Allan Rowe Dartmouth South Liberal Death
     April 2, 2015 Frank Corbett Cape Breton Centre NDP Resignation
     April 2, 2015 Gordie Gosse Sydney-Whitney Pier NDP Resignation
     November 5, 2015 Andrew Younger Dartmouth East Independent Removed from the Liberal caucus
     February 17, 2016 Chuck Porter Hants West Liberal Joined Liberal caucus
     April 12, 2016 Maureen MacDonald Halifax Needham NDP Resignation

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