64th Venice International Film Festival

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64th Venice International Film Festival
Festival poster
Opening filmAtonement by Joe Wright
Closing filmBlood Brothers by Alexi Tan
LocationVenice, Italy
AwardsGolden Lion - Se, Jie
Hosted byAmbra Angiolini
Festival date29 August – 8 September 2007
Venice Film Festival chronology

The 64th annual Venice International Film Festival, held in Venice, Italy, opened on 29 August 2007, with Joe Wright's Atonement and closed 8 September 2007. Host of the event was Italian actress Ambra Angiolini. The Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to American director Tim Burton. Once again all the films running the contest were shown for the first time as world premieres in keeping with the festival tradition since the Second World War.[1][2][3]


The international juries of the 64th Venice International Film Festival were composed as follows:[4][5]

Main Competition (Venezia 64)

Horizons (Orizzonti)

  • Gregg Araki, American filmmaker (President)
  • Frederick Wiseman, American filmmaker, documentarian and theatre director
  • Hala Alabdalla Yakoub, Syrian director and producer
  • Giorgia Fiorio, Italian photographer
  • Ulrich Gregor, German critic

Opera Prima ("Luigi de Laurentiis" Award for a Debut Film)

Short Film Competition (Corto Cortissimo)

Official selection[edit]

In competition[edit]

The competitive section of the official selection is an international competition of feature films in 35mm and digital HD format, running for the Golden Lion.[6]

English title Original title Director(s) Production country
12 Nikita Mihalkov Russia
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford Andrew Dominik United States
Atonement Joe Wright United Kingdom
Le Chaos Heya Fawda Youssef Chahine Egypt
The Darjeeling Limited Wes Anderson United States
Fallen Heroes Nessuna qualità agli eroi Paolo Franchi Italy, Switzerland, France
Help Me Eros Bangbang wo aishen Lee Kang-sheng Taiwan
I'm Not There Todd Haynes United States
In the City of Sylvia En la ciudad de Sylvia José Luis Guerín Spain
In the Valley of Elah Paul Haggis United States
It's a Free World... Ken Loach UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, Poland
Lust, Caution Sè, Jiè Ang Lee USA, China, Taiwan
Mad Detective San taam Johnnie To & Wai Ka-Fai Hong Kong
Michael Clayton Tony Gilroy United States
Nightwatching Peter Greenaway UK, Poland, Canada, Netherlands
Redacted Brian De Palma United States
Romance of Astree and Celadon Les Amours d'Astrée et de Céladon Eric Rohmer France, Italy, Spain
The Secret of the Grain La graine et le mulet Abdellatif Kechiche France
Sleuth Kenneth Branagh UK, USA
Sukiyaki Western Django Sukiyaki Uesutan Jango Takashi Miike Japan
The Sun Also Rises Taiyang zhaochang shenqi Jiang Wen China, Hong Kong
The Sweet and the Bitter Il dolce e l'amaro Andrea Porporati Italy
The Trial Begins L'ora di punta Vincenzo Marra Italy
Highlighted title indicates the Golden Lion winner.

Out of competition[edit]

Shown below are new works by authors who were honored in past festivals, as well as movies shown in the midnight time band.[7]

Venezia Maestri
English title Original title Director(s) Production country
Cassandra's Dream Woody Allen United Kingdom, United States
Cleopatra Cleópatra Júlio Bressane Brazil
A Girl Cut in Two La Fille coupée en deux Claude Chabrol France
Disengagement Désengagement Amos Gitai Germany, Italy, Israel, France
Beyond the Years Chun-nyun-hack Im Kwon Taek South Korea
Glory to the Filmmaker! Kantoku banzai! Takeshi Kitano Japan
Christopher Columbus – The Enigma Cristovão Colombo – O enigma Manoel de Oliveira Portugal, France
Opening and closing films
English title Original title Director(s) Production country
A Fistfull of Dollars (1964, restored version) Per un pugno di dollari Sergio Leone Italy, Spain, Germany
Blood Brothers Tiantang kou Alexi Tan China, Taiwan, Hong Kong
REC Paco Plaza & Jaume Balagueró Spain
Venezia Notte (Midnight)
English title Original title Director(s) Production country
Far North Asif Kapadia United Kingdom, France
Blade Runner: The Final Cut Ridley Scott United States
The Hunting Party Richard Shepard USA, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina
The Nanny Diaries Shari Springer Berman & Robert Pulcini United States
Nocturna Adrià Garcìa & Víctor Maldonado Spain, France
Special Events and Homages
Occasion / Director Title Production country
Special Event: Wes Anderson Hotel Chevalier (short) United States
75th Anniversary Golden Lion: Bernardo Bertolucci La via del petrolio (1967, documentary, restored version)
The Spider's Stratagem (Strategia del ragno) (1970, restored version)
Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement: Tim Burton The Nightmare Before Christmas (3-D) United States
Special Events of the 75th Anniversary: Alexander Kluge Mein Jahrhundert, mein Tier!
Das Phänomen der Oper
Im Sturm der Zeit /Facts and Fakes
Die poetische Kraft der Theorie
Der Zauber der verdunkelten Seele
(2007 documentaries)
Venezia Giubileo (1932–2007): Homage to Carlo Lizzani Hotel Meina Italy
Venezia Giubileo (1932–2007): Mario Camerini What Scoundrels Men Are! (Gli uomini che mascalzoni...) (1932) Italy


New trends of cinema with full-length films in 35mm and digital format, and documentary-movies.[8]

English title Original title Director(s) Production country
Autumn Ball Sügisball Veiko Õunpuu Estonia
Cochochi Israel Cárdenas and Laura Amelia Guzmán Mexico, UK, Canada
Death in the Land of Encantos Kagadanan sa banwaan ning mga engkanto Lav Diaz Philippines
Exodus Penny Woolcock United Kingdom
Misbegotten Mal Nascida João Canijo Portugal
Medea Miracle Médée Miracle Tonino De Bernardi Italy, France
The Obscure Xiao shuo Lü Yue China
Crossing the Line Il passaggio della linea Pietro Marcello Italy
Sad Vacation Saddo Vakeishon ( サッド ヴァケイション ) Shinji Aoyama Japan
Searchers 2.0 Alex Cox United States
The Silence Before Bach Die stille vor Bach Pere Portabella Spain
The Story of Richard O L'Histoire de Richard O. Damien Odoul France
With a girl of Black Soil Geomen tangyi sonyeo oi Soo-il Jeon South Korea, France
English title Original title Director(s) Production country
Anabazys Joel Pizzini & Paloma Rocha Brazil
The Beloved L'Aimèe Arnaud Desplechin France
Drifter Andarilho Cao Guimarães Brazil
Dust Staub Hartmut Bitomsky Germany
Lou Reed's Berlin Julian Schnabel UK, USA
Man from Plains Jonathan Demme United States
Mothers Madri Barbara Cupisti Italy
Umbrella San Du Haibin China
Useless Wuyong Jia Zhangke China
Horizons Events
Title Director(s) Production country
Callas assoluta Philippe Kohly France, Greece
Carlo Goldoni Venezian Leonardo Autera & Alberto Caldana Italy
Dall’altra parte della luna Dario Baldi & Davide Marengo Italy
Empire II Amos Poe United States
Highlighted title indicate the Horizons Awards for Best Film and Best Documentary respectively.

Short film competition[edit]

The following films in 35mm, whose length does not exceed 30 minutes, were selected for the short film competition (Corto Cortissimo): [9]

In competition
English title Original title Duration Director(s) Production country
Lightborne Alumbramiento 15’ Eduardo Chapero-Jackson Spain
Dog Altogether 16’ Paddy Considine United Kingdom
Fritt Fall 27’ Caroline Cowan Sweden
Friends Forever 22’ Marçal Forés United Kingdom
N/A Dans la peau 12’ Zoltán Horváth Switzerland, France
Fish Mul-Go-Gi 15’ Juhn Jai-hong South Korea, USA
What Do I Know Sta ja znam 15’ Sejla Kameric, Timur Makarevic Bosnia, Slovenia
Crossbow 14’ David Michôd Australia
With a Little Patience Türelem 14’ László Nemes Hungary
Adil e Yusuf 30’ Claudio Noce Italy
Dragonflies Wazki 15’ Justyna Nowak Poland
Tony Zoreil 20’ Valentin Potier France
Stone People Lyudi iz kamnya 19’ Leonid Rybakov Russia
Blind Man’s Eye 6’ Matthew Talbot-Kelly Ireland
N/A Skyggen af Tvivl 19’ Esben Tønnesen Denmark
Coffee and Allah 14’ Sima Urale New Zealand
Cargo 12’ Leo Woodhead Czech Republic, New Zealand
Guodao 20’ Zhang Yue China
Highlighted title indicates the Lion for Best Short Film winner.

Secret History of Italian Cinema 4[edit]

Special monographic sessions dedicated to the secret story of Italian cinema. This is the fourth part of the retrospective, initiated at the 61st edition of the festival; the patron of this edition, focused on Italian Spaghetti Western, was the director Quentin Tarantino.[10]

English title Original title Release Director(s) Production country
The Seven from Texas Antes llega la muerte 1964 / 11 / 06 Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent Spain, Italy
$100,000 for Ringo 100.000 dollari per Ringo 1965 / 11 / 18 Alberto De Martino Spain, Italy
The Return of Ringo Il ritorno di Ringo 1965 / 12 / 08 Duccio Tessari Italy, Spain
Ringo from Nebraska (Gunman from Nebraska) Ringo del Nebraska 1966 / 03 / 18 Mario Bava & Antonio Román Italy, Spain
Blood for a Silver Dollar Un dollaro bucato 1965 / 08 / 08 Giorgio Ferroni Italy, France
Django 1966 / 04 / 06 Sergio Corbucci Italy, Spain
The Ugly Ones (The Bounty Killer) El precio de un hombre 1966 / 11 / 04 Eugenio Martín Spain, Italy
The Big Gundown La resa dei conti 1966 / 11 / 29 Sergio Sollima Italy, Spain
Navajo Joe (aka: A Dollar a Head / Un dollaro a testa) 1966 / 11 / 25 Sergio Corbucci Italy, Spain
Sugar Colt 1966 / 10 / 12 Franco Giraldi Italy, Spain
The Hills Run Red Un fiume di dollari 1966 / 09 / 09 Carlo Lizzani Italy
Yankee 1966 / 08 / 25 Tinto Brass Italy, Spain
Ten Thousand Dollars for a Massacre 10.000 dollari per un massacro 1967 / 03 / 03 Romolo Guerrieri Italy
The Dirty Outlaws El Desperado 1967 / 09 / 30 Franco Rossetti Italy, Spain
Last of the Badmen Il tempo degli avvoltoi 1967 / 08 / 02 Nando Cicero Italy
Death at Owell Rock La morte non conta i dollari 1967 / 07 / 21 Riccardo Freda Italy
Django Kill... If You Live, Shoot! Se sei vivo spara 1967 / 05 / 03 Giulio Questi Italy, Spain
The Ruthless Four Ognuno per sé 1969 / 02 / 09 Giorgio Capitani Italy, West Germany
Django, Prepare a Coffin (Viva Django) Preparati la bara! 1968 / 01 / 27 Ferdinando Baldi Italy
Tepepa 1968 / 02 / 13 Giulio Petroni Italy, Spain
A Noose for Django Una lunga fila di croci 1969 / 04 / 18 Sergio Garrone Italy
The Reward's Yours... The Man's Mine La taglia è tua... l'uomo l'ammazzo io 1969 / 12 / 23 Edoardo Mulargia Italy, Spain
They Call Me Trinity Lo chiamavano Trinità 1970 / 12 / 22 Enzo Barboni Italy
Matalo! 1970 / 10 / 22 Cesare Canevari Spain, Italy
Compañeros Vamos a matar compañeros 1970 / 12 / 18 Sergio Corbucci Italy, West Germany, Spain
Vengeance Is a Dish Served Cold (Death's Dealer) La vendetta è un piatto che si serve freddo 1971 / 08 / 13 Pasquale Squitieri Italy
The Grand Duel Il grande duello 1972 / 12 / 29 Giancarlo Santi Italy, West Germany, France
The Fighting Fist of Shanghai Joe Il mio nome è Shangai Joe 1973 / 12 / 28 Mario Caiano Italy
A Reason to Live, a Reason to Die Una ragione per vivere e una per morire 1972 / 12 / 27 Tonino Valerii Italy, France, W.Germany, Spain
Four of the Apocalypse I quattro dell'apocalisse 1975 / 08 / 12 Lucio Fulci Italy
Keoma 1976 / 11 / 25 Enzo G. Castellari Italy
Retrospective events
English title Original title Director(s) Production country
N/A Una Questione poco privata – Conversazione con Giulio Questi (2007) Gianfranco Pannone
The Fort of Death Gonin no shokin kasegi (1969) Kudo Eiichi Japan

New Versions Restored[edit]

As a pre-opening event of this future section, the restored Digital Cinema version of David Wark Griffith’s Intolerance (1916) was screened as a world premiere, in collaboration with the Le Giornate del Cinema Muto di Pordenone.[11] "Venice Classics" which features restored classic films and documentaries on cinema, started as a new section in 2012, at the 69th Venice International Film Festival.

Autonomous sections[edit]

Venice International Film Critics' Week[edit]

The following feature films were selected to be screened as In Competition for the 22nd Venice International Film Critics’ Week:[12]

In competition
English title Original title Director(s) Production country
24 Bars 24 measures Jalil Lespert France
The Girl by the Lake La ragazza del lago Andrea Molaioli Italy
Karoy Zhanna Issabaeva[13] Kazakhstan
The Most Distant Course Zui yao yuan de ju li Ling Jingjie (Lin Ching-chieh)[14] Taiwan
The Nines John August United States
Small Gods Dimitri Karakatsanis[15] Belgium
Soaring Otryv Aleksandr Mindadze Russia
Homage to Ousmane Sembene
English title Original title Director Production country
Black Girl La noire de… Ousmane Sembene Senegal
(The Wagoner) Borom Sarret Ousmane Sembene Senegal
Special Event
(Year of the Nail) Año Uña Jonás Cuarón United States

Venice Days[edit]

The following films were selected for the 4th edition of Venice Days (Giornate Degli Autori) autonomous section:[16]

English title Original title Director(s) Production country
Andalucia Alain Gomis France
Bianciardi! (documentary) Massimo Coppola Italy
Born Without (documentary) Nacido sin Eva Norvind Mexico
Cargo 200 Gruz 200 Aleksei Balabanov Russia
Continental, a Film Without Guns Continental, un film sans fusil Stéphane Lafleur Canada
Don't Think About It (festival title) Non pensarci Gianni Zanasi Italy
Head Under Water Freischwimmer Andreas Kleinert Germany
Plum Rain La pluie des prunes Frédéric Fisbach France
Shall we kiss? Un baiser s'il vous plaît Emmanuel Mouret France
The Speed of Life Ed Radtke United States
Sympathy for the Lobster Le ragioni dell'aragosta Sabina Guzzanti Italy
Tricks Sztuczki Andrzej Jakimowski Poland
Under the Bombs Sous les bombes Philippe Aractingi France, Lebanon, UK
N/A Valzer Salvatore Maira Italy
N/A Viaggio in corso nel cinema di Carlo Lizzani (documentary) Francesca Del Sette Italy
The Zone La zona Rodrigo Plá Spain, Mexico
Highlighted title indicates the Lion Of The Future winner.


Official selection[edit]

The following Official Awards were conferred at the 64th edition:[17]

In Competition (Venezia 64)

Special Awards

Horizons awards (Premi Orizzonti)

Special Mention: Death in the Land of Encantos (Kagadanan sa banwaan ning mga engkanto) by Lav Diaz

Short Film awards (Corto Cortissimo Lion)

Special Mention: Stone People (Lyudi iz kamnya) by Leonid Rybakov

Autonomous sections[edit]

The following official and collateral awards were conferred to films of the autonomous sections:[17][18]

Venice International Film Critics' Week

Venice Days (Giornate Degli Autori)

  • Lion of the Future
Luigi De Laurentiis Award for a Debut Film: La Zona (La zona) by Rodrigo Plá
Special mention: Valzer by Salvatore Maira
  • FEDIC Award: Non pensarci by Gianni Zanasi
  • Queer Lion: The Speed of Life by Ed Radtke
  • Label Europa Cinemas: Tricks (Sztuczki) by Andrzej Jakimowski
  • Young Cinema Award – Alternatives: Under the Bombs (Sous les bombes) by Philippe Aractingi
  • Young Cinema Award – Best Italian Film: Non pensarci by Gianni Zanasi
  • Brian Award: Sympathy for the Lobster (Le ragioni dell'aragosta) by Sabina Guzzanti
  • Laterna Magica Prize: Tricks by Andrzej Jakimowski
  • Cinema for Peace Award: The Zone by Rodrigo Plá
  • Award of the City of Rome: The Zone by Rodrigo Plá
  • EIUC Award (Venice Days): Under the Bombs (Sous les bombes) by Philippe Aractingi

Other collateral awards[edit]

The following collateral awards were conferred to films of the official selection:[18]

Special mention: The Secret of the Grain by Abdellatif Kechiche & It's a Free World... by Ken Loach
Special mention: Crossing the Line (Il passaggio della linea) by Pietro Marcello (Horizons)
  • Lina Mangiacapre Award: With the Girl of Black Soil (Geomen tangyi sonyeo oi) by Soo-il Jeon (Horizons)
  • Filmcritica "Bastone Bianco" Award: A Girl Cut in Two (La fille coupée en deux) by Claude Chabrol (Out of competition)
  • Future Film Festival Digital Award: Redacted by Brian De Palma
  • Biografilm Award: Jimmy Carter Man from Plains by Jonathan Demme
  • 'CinemAvvenire' Award – Best Film: I'm Not There by Todd Haynes
  • EIUC Award (Main competition): It's a Free World... by Ken Loach
  • EIUC Award (Horizons): Jimmy Carter Man from Plains by Jonathan Demme
  • Mimmo Rotella Foundation Award: Nightwatching by Peter Greenaway


The prize awarded to Cate Blanchett was received by Heath Ledger on behalf of the actress, who could not be present.


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