65535 (number)

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65534 65535 65536
Cardinal sixty-five thousand five hundred thirty-five
Ordinal 65535th
(sixty-five thousand five hundred and thirty-fifth)
Factorization 3 × 5 × 17 × 257
Divisors 16 total
Roman numeral LXVDXXXV
Binary 11111111111111112
Ternary 100222200203
Quaternary 333333334
Quinary 40441205
Senary 12232236
Octal 1777778
Duodecimal 31B1312
Hexadecimal FFFF16
Vigesimal 83GF20
Base 36 1EKF36

65535 is the integer after 65534 and before 65536.

In mathematics[edit]

65535 is the product of the first four Fermat primes: 65535 = (2 + 1)(4 + 1)(16 + 1)(256 + 1). Because of this property, it is possible to construct with compass and straightedge a regular polygon with 65535 sides. See constructible polygon.

65535 is the 15th 626-gonal number, the 5th 6555-gonal number, the 3rd 21846-gonal number.

In computing[edit]

  • 65535 occurs frequently in the field of computing because it is the highest number which can be represented by an unsigned 16-bit binary number. Some computer programming environments may have predefined constant values representing 65535, with names like MAX_UNSIGNED_SHORT.
  • In older computers with processors having a 16-bit address bus (such as the MOS Technology 6502 and the Zilog Z80), 65535 (FFFF16) is the highest addressable memory location. Such processors thus support at most 64 KiB of total byte-addressable memory.
  • A Java class or interface can have at most 65535 methods. The code of a constructor in Java is limited to 65535 bytes.
  • In an unpatched version of Microsoft Excel 2007, many mathematical computations evaluating to 65535 will display incorrectly. For example, =850*77.1 displays as 100000 rather than 65535. Microsoft reports[1] this to be a display-only bug for only 6 floating point numbers near 65535 and 65536. These display issues do not occur in editions of Excel that have been updated to Office 2007 service pack 2.
  • In Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac, 65535 is the highest line number that will be displayed.

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