65th World Science Fiction Convention

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Nippon 2007, the 65th World Science Fiction Convention
Worldcon 65 Nippon 2007 logo.png
Genre Science fiction
Venue Pacifico Yokohama Convention Center
Location(s) Yokohama
Country Japan
Inaugurated August 30-September 3, 2007
Attendance 2,788
Organized by Japanese Association for Science Fiction International Communication
Filing status registered non-profit
Website nippon2007.us
(English-language site)

Nippon 2007, the 65th World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) and the 46th Annual Nihon SF Taikai, was held in Yokohama, Japan from 30 August - 3 September 2007, at the Pacifico Yokohama Convention Center and adjoining hotels. The organising committee was chaired by Hiroaki Inoue. The attendance at the convention totaled 2,788, including 1,578 Japanese members, and 1,210 foreign members.[1]

Nippon 2007 was the first Worldcon held in Asia.

Program and events[edit]

Guests of Honor[edit]

Guests of Honor at Nippon 2007 were:

Worldcon site selection[edit]

The members of Nippon 2007 selected Montreal as the hosting city for the 67th World Science Fiction Convention, to be held in 2009.[2]


Hugo Awards[edit]

The Hugo Awards for achievements in the field of science fiction in the year 2006 were presented at a ceremony at Nippon 2007, having been nominated and chosen in advance by members of the Worldcon.[3][4] The base of the 2007 Hugo Award included a silhouette of Mount Fuji as a backdrop and a statue of the Japanese superhero Ultraman standing just taller than the iconic Hugo Award rocket.[5]

The Hugo Award nominations were announced on 28 March 2007.[6] A correction was issued a few days later when award officials were notified that a computing error had resulted in the film Pan's Labyrinth being left off the nomination list for Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form.[7]

Other awards[edit]


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