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66 Raw
Broadcast area United States
Frequency XM 66, Internet radio
First air date September 25, 2001- November 12, 2008
Format Uncensored Hip-Hop
Class Satellite Radio Station
Owner Sirius XM Radio
Website 66RAW.com

66 RAW was an XM Satellite Radio Hip-Hop channel. The service signed on September 25, 2001. The channel was originally launched and programmed by Radio One, Inc., but has since reverted to XM Radio.

Raw focused mostly on the hottest joints, underground tracks, and mix tapes from the freshest names in the world of Hip-Hop, dedicated to the die-hard fans of the genre. The channel was also commercial-free with DJs, but unlike terrestrial Urban Contemporary radio the music was completely uncensored as well as the call-ins were completely live and right-on-the-spot and did not need to be edited.

On November 12, 2008, Raw was eliminated from the XM lineup and replaced by Sirius's Shade 45 as part of a restructuring by Sirius XM Radio. Shortly After the 66 RAW Program Director Leo G recruited original members of the 66 RAW Family to launch 66RAW.com. An online version of the historic station following the same format which can be heard 24 hours daily on the World Wide Web.


  • The DJ list consisted of the "Shoguns" of 66 Raw. The "Shoguns" included, DJ DUB, DJ RNS, DNA, DJ Bee, The Funkregulata Celo, DJ Eque, DJ Furious Styles, DJ Scream, and DJ Chris Cool. Each had their own mixtape show, lasting about an hour, multiple DJs had their shows each day.
  • Every Monday through Friday Leo G. ("The General", "Blaze") hosted his own mixtape show from 3:00PM to 4:00PM . Each day, except Thursday, Leo mixed underground tracks and exclusive mixes from current artists. On Thursday Leo G. put on a throwback show, it was the same format but featured old school tracks from the '80s and '90s. The show normally lasted an hour and encores were featured throughout the week.
  • Following every Leo G. mixtape show, Mz Kitti put on a two-hour show. Each day had a different theme, Mondays were "Slap a Mother Fucker Mondays" where listeners called up telling who they would like to slap. Wednesdays were "Lock Down Wednesdays" in which listeners gave respect to their friends and family that have been incarcerated. Thursdays featured the "Dub Deuce Countdown" and it was a countdown of the 22 most requested songs of the week.
  • Besides the "Shoguns", Leo G.'s mixtape show, and Mz Kitti's show there were other DJs that hosted their own show. DJ Furious Styles hosted "Shine", a show in which he took unsigned artists tracks and put them on the air. Lil' Flip hosted "Clover G Radio" which was a simple, low key DJ show. Chamillionaire hosted "Chamilitary Radio" and it was also low key, both shows featured music from Texas and the south in general. Ludacris hosted "DTP Radio/Open Mic" he DJs and showcased music from the deep south. N.O.R.E. and C.N.N. hosted "Militainment Radio", another mixtape style show.


Leo-G has launched www.66raw.com a free internet radio site which currently has blaze mixes and features some other shoguns as well. Featuring a special premium membership in which members can download mixshows for a minimal monthly fee.


66 RAW was the first nationally broadcast uncensored & uncut Hip Hop Radio Channel on XM Satellite Radio started with Mz. Kitti and The General Leo G. Both were On Air Talent as well as Music and Program Director for the Urban Channel such as the Old School and Main Stream channels. Mz. Kitti's and Leo G.'s involvement within Satellite radio is undisputed and grew a fanbase of over 500,000 listeners which actually subscribed to XM to listen to 66 RAW.

However, during the acquisition of XM Satellite by Sirius Satellite Radio the programming was changed and Sirius replaced all of the original XM programming with their own. Shade 45 owned by Eminem receive the channel 66 which was owned by 66 Raw for about 7 years in which they hoped to migrate the 66 RAW fanbase to Shade 45.

66 RAW listeners were livid and presented a petition with over 50,000 signatures to have it reinstated, unfortunately this wasn't reversed but it was only to begin a new journey where 66 RAW is now globally available and not just nationally. 66raw.com was born and it is now better as it has now restrictions by a corporate entitiy and it is entirely fan driven.

66raw.com is an online radio station that broadcasts over all mobile platforms via apps and online capabilities including an online portal and social network dedicated to Hip Hop and entertainment. The company is young but we are continuously growing!

66RAW.com Programming Staff/Talent[edit]

Leo G. - Director of Programming, On-Air Talent Mz Kitti - Asst. Director/Music Director, On-Air Talent DJ DNA - Mix show DJ DJ Supa - Mixshow DJ DJ Reece - Mixshow DJ Dj Vito G- Mixshow DJ Duke Da God - Dipset Radio Poe Boy Radio - Mixshow


Danny Blaq - Internet Property Development / Operations Raylene Walker - Director of Operations Dj DNA- Marketing and Promotions Director


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