68th World Science Fiction Convention

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Aussiecon Four, the 68th World Science Fiction Convention
Worldcon 68 Aussiecon 4 logo.png
Status Active
Genre Science fiction
Venue Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
Location(s) Melbourne, Victoria
Country Australia
Inaugurated 2–6 September 2010
Organized by Victorian Science Fiction Conventions Inc.
Filing status Not for profit

The 68th World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon), Aussiecon Four, was held 2–6 September 2010, in the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, the location selected by the members of Denvention 3.[1][2][3]

Guests of honour were author Kim Stanley Robinson, fan Robin Johnson, and artist Shaun Tan. The co-chairs were Perry Middlemiss and Rose Mitchell.

Awards presented[edit]

Hugo Awards[edit]

The Hugo Awards, named after Hugo Gernsback, are given every year for the best science fiction or fantasy works and achievements of the previous year. The 2010 Hugo Award statue base was designed by Nick Stathopoulos with laser etching by Lewis Morley and incorporating the Aussiecon 4 logo by Grant Gittus.[4]

Other awards[edit]

Future site selection[edit]

The members of Aussiecon 4 selected Chicago, Illinois, as the host city for the 70th World Science Fiction Convention, Chicon 7, to be held in 2012 in an uncontested election. With only 526 ballots cast, this election had the lowest turnout since records began to be kept in 1974. The voting breakdown was 447 votes for Chicago, 20 ballots expressed no preference, and there were 59 write-in votes for various sites.[5][6]


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