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Cardinalsixty-nine thousand one hundred five
(sixty-nine thousand one hundred fifth)
Factorization3 × 5 × 17 × 271
Greek numeral͵θρε´
Roman numeralLXIXCV
Base 361HBL36

The number 69,105 was used as an in-joke at the computer game manufacturer Infocom. It has occasionally appeared in later computer games as a tribute to Infocom.

Significance of the number[edit]

The number 69,105 makes a number of appearances in Infocom games. Nick Montfort, in his book Twisty Little Passages, suggests that the number was chosen not only because 69 is the common name of a sexual position, but also because in its written form 69,105 falls naturally into two parts with an unusual relationship:[1]

This property was pointed out in a version of the Jargon File dating back at least to 1982. Commenting on the ("Exclusive to MIT-AI") usage of 69 as a generic "large quantity", Guy L. Steele said, "I don't know whether its origins are related to the obscene interpretation, but I do know that 69 decimal = 105 octal, and 69 hexadecimal = 105 decimal, which is a nice property."[2]

The same natural relationship applies to 1,001; 2,002; 3,003; 4,004; 5,005; 6,006; 7,007; 64,100; 65,101; 66,102; 67,103; and 68,104.

In mathematics[edit]

69105 is the third 23036-gonal number and the fifth 6912-gonal number. It is also the 17th 510-gonal and the 15th 660-gonal number.


Appearances in Infocom games[edit]

Beyond Zork[edit]

There are 69,105 Christmas tree monsters.


The sample transcript includes a ticket with the description:

Ticket number 69105. Seat 25F. Acme Building Auditorium.

Running the adventure game cartridge causes the Boysenberry computer to crash almost immediately, with the message:



The serial number on the pharmacy label on the tablets is 69105.

Leather Goddesses of Phobos[edit]

There are 69,105 leaves in the sack found in Cleveland, Ohio.


There are 69,105 leaves in the book in the cottage.


At the lake edge, a "count leaves" gives:

A quick count turns up exactly 69,105 leaves.

The Witness[edit]

The gun receipt used as a bookmark in the mystery book is number 69105.

Zork I[edit]

Probably its most famous appearance:

On the ground is a pile of leaves.
>count leaves
There are 69,105 leaves here.

Zork Zero[edit]

This zoo, with 69,105 cages, is easily the largest in Quendor.

Zork: The Undiscovered Underground[edit]

Entering the Theater from the Cultural Complex:

Built to the precise specifications of Lord Dimwit Flathead, its excessive structure holds 69,105 seats, …

Appearances in later games[edit]

In Advanced Xoru, after you drink a potion, you drop it to the floor "shattering into 69,105 shards of glass".

In Adam Cadre's game I-0:

>open trunk
You open the trunk, revealing your laundry.
>examine laundry
There are 69,105 pieces of laundry here.

In the NES version of Ultima: Quest of the Avatar, one of the mages claims he's working on a book that has 69,105 pages so far.

In the Kingdom of Loathing's Strange Leaflet game-within-game, a parody of classic text adventures, the player can count leaves and find 69,105 of them.

In TempusMUD, the throne of the Grand Mistress of Magic is made of 69,105 emeralds.[3]


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