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6969 video thumbnail.jpg
YouTube thumbnail of the song's music video
Single by Ninja Sex Party
from the album Attitude City
ReleasedJuly 2015
RecordedArcadia, California[1]
Producer(s)Brian Wecht

"6969" is a song written and performed by the American comedy rock band Ninja Sex Party, from their album Attitude City.[3] Heavily inspired by the song "2112" by Canadian rock band Rush, the song contains vocals by Steel Panther singer Michael Starr, and references Steel Panther's song "In the Future" from their album Balls Out.[2][4]

Written by band members Dan Avidan and Brian Wecht, "6969" tells the story of Danny Sexbang and Ninja Brian travelling to the year 6969 assuming that it will be the ultimate peak in sexual activity throughout human history, only to find out that a totalitarian group known as the "Council of Dick Elders" has made sex illegal. At over eight minutes, it is the longest track officially released by Ninja Sex Party to date.

Lyrics and interpretation[edit]

The song's lyrics follow the fictitious characters of Danny Sexbang and Ninja Brian, who use a time-travelling spacecraft to journey to the planet Earth in the year 6969. Believing that the year would be the ultimate peak in sexual activity throughout human history, they instead find that society is a metaphorically sterilized dystopia ruled by an abstinent, totalitarian group known as the "Dick Elders". When Danny attempts to reason with them, they recall a prophecy that foretells their downfall, and so their guards fire at the duo with lasers. Danny and Brian escape and, after Danny meets a beautiful girl, they ignite a worldwide orgy that enrages the Elders. As the Elders prepare to murder the duo, Brian kills them. Having freed humanity from the Elders' regime, Danny has intercourse once again with the girl he met, whose name is revealed to be Kristen (though Danny mistakes it as "Katie"), and he and Brian depart from the future.

The song directly borrows a lyric from the Rush song "2112", as Sexbang sings the phrase "I know it's most unusual to come before you so".[2][5] The narrative described in the song has been considered by some fans to be taking place in an alternate universe derived from a previous song on the album, "Samurai Abstinence Patrol".[6][7]

Music video[edit]

The music video for "6969" was released on iTunes and Apple Music on August 31st, 2016, and premiered on YouTube on September 8th, 2016.[8][9]

The video follows the same plot as the song's lyrics, with appearances by Arin Hanson, Barry Kramer, Kevin Abernathy, Holly Conrad and Ross O'Donovan. Markiplier also makes a silent cameo in the video as a news reporter.


The song has received generally positive reception from both fans of the band and from critics. Richard Garza of The Western Herald wrote that the track is "[Ninja Sex Party's] magnum opus. It is definitely the best song on a great album."[2]


Ninja Sex Party



  • David Dominguez – co-producer, recording
  • Dan Castellani, Jr. – mixing
  • Hans DeKline – mastering

Release history[edit]

Country Date Format Label
Australia[10] July 17, 2015 Digital download Self-released
United Kingdom[11]
United States[12]


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