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6P1P tube manufactured by Svetlana, USSR (winged "C" logo), 1971
A comparison of Svetlana 6P1P (left), 6P1P-EV and Beijing Electron Tube Factory 6P1 (right)

The 6P1P (Russian: 6П1П) is a Soviet-made miniature 9-pin beam tetrode vacuum tube with ratings similar to the 6AQ5, EL90 and the 6V6. Because of a different pinout (a 9-pin base versus 7-pin base) than an 6AQ5/EL90, it cannot be used as a plug-in replacement for these types; however, it will work in the same circuit with component values unchanged. Its maximum plate/screen voltage and dissipation ratings are actually slightly higher than a 6AQ5. A ruggedized/extended ratings version of the tube is designated 6P1P-EV (Russian: 6П1П-ЕВ), roughly equivalent to the 6AQ5W. A Chinese-manufactured version of the tube also exists, labeled 6P1.

The type was commonly used in Soviet-built vacuum tube radios and TV sets as an output audio amplifier, until it was replaced by the higher-performance 6P14P (an exact equivalent of the EL84).

The tube is no longer believed to be in production.

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