XIIX Canons mélodieux (Telemann)

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Georg Philipp Telemann's XIIX Canons mélodieux (1738), TWV 40:118-123 are 18 strict canons for two equal instruments, forming six sonatas in three movements each.

Telemann composed five collections of duets of particular significance to flutists:

  1. TWV 40:101-106 "Sonates sans basse" (1727) [in 4 movements each]
  2. TWV 40:118-123 "XIIX Canons mélodieux" (1738) [in 3 movements each]
  3. TWV 40:124–29 "Second livre de duo" (c. 1750) [in 3 movements each]
  4. TWV 40:130-135 "Sei duetti..." (c.>1752) [in 3 movements each]
  5. TWV 40:141-149, 9 sonatas for two flutes [in 3 or 4 movements each] (re-)discovered in the musical archive of the Sing-Akademie zu Berlin in 2002[1]

Additionally, Telemann's 1728-1729 periodical "Der getreue Music-Meister" contains an idiomatic "Duetto" in four movements, TWV 40:107.


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