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Type of site
Internet forum
Available in Chinese
Website http://6park.com/
Commercial Yes
Launched 17 July 2003

6park (Chinese: ; pinyin: Liu Yuan) is a Chinese Internet forum specializing in community-written news, launched in 2003. Its Chinese name means a place which made people are reluctant to leave. It is a "mega-BBS" with forums for subjects as diverse as economics, health, politics, and online movies, etc., but its style is unique and unrelated to other mega-BBSes such as 2channel. Meanwhile, it is worth noticing that 6park is becoming one of the most important Internet platforms for oversea Chinese people.

It is often critical of the Chinese government and for that reason is blocked by Chinese censors, though it has a large community of overseas Chinese students and expatriates from around the world, especially outside the United States.

It has been mentioned in news sources such as Hua Sheng Online as a way for Chinese people living overseas to get news.[1] The website does provide news from China, besides also translate news from foreign media, such as newspaper, television and websites.


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