6th AVN Awards

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6th AVN Awards
DateJanuary 9, 1989 (1989-01-09)
SiteTropicana Hotel & Casino, Paradise, Nevada
Best PicturePretty Peaches II
Most awardsCat Woman (5)
Most nominations
  • Amanda by Night II,
  • Portrait of an Affair,
  • Pretty Peaches II (tie, 10)

The 6th AVN Awards ceremony, organized by Adult Video News (AVN), took place on January 9, 1989,[1] at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino[2] in Paradise, Nevada. During the ceremony, AVN Awards were presented in 41 categories, plus several extra awards, honoring pornographic films released between January 1, 1988 and December 31, 1988.[1]

Cat Woman, a shot-on-video feature, won the most awards, with five, while Best Film went to Pretty Peaches II, which won four awards.[2]

Winners and nominees[edit]

The nominees for the 6th AVN Awards were announced in the January 1989 issue of Adult Video News magazine.[1] Three movies, Amanda by Night II, Portrait of an Affair and Pretty Peaches II, each had 10 nominations, the most for the year.

The winners were announced during the awards ceremony on January 9, 1989.


Aja, Best New Starlet winner
Ona Zee, Best Actress—Feature Film winner

Winners are listed first, highlighted in boldface, and indicated with a double dagger (double-dagger).

Best Feature Film Best Shot-on-Video Feature
  • Cat Womandouble-dagger[2]
    • Addicted to Love
    • Black Widow
    • Case of the Sensuous Sinners
    • The Final Taboo
    • Ghostess with the Mostess
    • Maxine
    • Raw Talent III
    • Sinners
    • Taboo VI[1]
Best New Starlet Best Actor—Gay Video
Best Actor—Feature Film Best Actress—Feature Film
Best Actor—Shot-on-Video Feature Best Actress—Shot-on-Video Feature
Best Supporting Actor—Feature Film Best Supporting Actress—Feature Film
Best Supporting Actor—Shot-on-Video Feature Best Supporting Actress—Shot-on-Video Feature
Best Director—Feature Film Best Director—Shot-on-Video Feature
Best Director—Bisexual Video Best Director—Gay Video
  • Paul Norman, Bi and Beyonddouble-dagger[2]
    • Richard Mailer, Switch Hitters III
    • Paul Norman, Bi and Beyond II[1]
Best All-Sex Video Best Compilation Tape
  • Angel Pussdouble-dagger[2]
    • Black Fox
    • Caught from Behind 8
    • Dreams in the Forbidden Zone
    • Matched Pairs[1]
  • Only the Best of Men’s and Women’s Fantasiesdouble-dagger[2]
    • All My Best, Barbara
    • The Big Sleazy
    • Eroticism in Black
    • Forbidden Worlds
    • No Man’s Land
    • Only the Best of Breasts
    • Rachel Ryan[1]
Best Foreign Release Best Specialty Tape
  • Devil in Mr. Holmesdouble-dagger[2]
    • Bored Games
    • Cocktail Party
    • Insatiable Janine
    • Outrageous Games[1]
  • Loose Ends IVdouble-dagger[2]
    • Anal Pleasures
    • Barbii Bound
    • Caught from Behind 8
    • Loose Ends V[1]
Best Softcore Film Best Made-for-Video Softcore Release
  • Playboy Playmate Calendar—1989double-dagger[2]
    • Drive-in Matinee
    • Encounters III
    • Sheer Heaven
    • Sizzling Spring Break Girls[1]
Best Bisexual Video Best Gay Video
  • Bi and Beyonddouble-dagger[2]
    • Bi and Beyond II
    • Split Decision
    • Switch Hitters III[1]
  • Touch Medouble-dagger[2]
    • Minute Man, Series 3
    • The Next Valentino
    • Northwest Passage
    • Top Man[1]
Best Featurette Tape (Series) Best Selling/Renting Adult Tapes of the Year
  • Star Director’s Series—Sensual Escapedouble-dagger[2]
    • Parliament Video Magazine Line
    • Teasers Home Video—First 6 Vol.[1]

Plaques were awarded for Best Selling Adult Tape of the Year to Miami Spice IIdouble-dagger and for Best Renting Adult Tapes of the Year to Devil in Mr. Holmes.double-dagger[2]

Best Non-Sexual Performance Best Sex Scene—Feature Film
  • Jose Duval, Pillowmandouble-dagger[2]
Best Sex Scene—Shot-on-Video Feature (Couple) Best Sex Scene—Shot-on-Video Feature (Group)
  • Aja, Dana Lynn, Lisa Bright, Blake Palmer, Joey Silvera; Seance/orgy scene, Ghostess with the Mostessdouble-dagger[2]
    • Shanna McCullough, Peter North, Tom Byron, Joey Silvera; Angel Puss
    • Trinity Loren, Nina DePonca, Shane Hunter; Dream sequence, Dreams in the Forbidden Zone
    • Shanna McCullough, Ariel Knight, John Leslie; Dy Nasty
    • Stephanie Rage, Damien Cashmere, bikers; Heiress
    • Shanna McCullough, Mike Horner, Megan Leigh; Love Lies
    • Stephanie Rage, Ona Zee, Rick Savage; Raw Talent III
    • Jerry Butler, others; Subway sequence, Raw Talent III
    • Barbara Dare, Jennifer Miles, Stephen Ray; Sex in Dangerous Places
    • Aja, Peter North, Trinity Loren; Surfside Sex[1]
Best Screenplay—Feature Film Best Screenplay—Shot-on-video Feature
  • Mark Weiss, John Leslie; Cat Womandouble-dagger[2]
    • Mark Cushman, Paul Thomas; Addicted to Love
    • Paul Thomas, Black Widow
    • Cash Markman, Chad Randolph; Case of the Sensuous Sinners
    • Michelle Stevens, The Final Taboo
    • John Leslie, Goin’ Down Slow
    • Guy Strangeways, Invasion of the Samurai Sluts from Hell
    • Michael Ellis, The Last Condom
    • Joyce Snyder, Raw Talent III
    • Anne Randall, Sinners[1]
Best Art Direction Best Musical Score
  • Maxinedouble-dagger[2]
    • Dreams in the Forbidden Zone
    • Miami Spice II
    • Pillowman
    • Sinners[1]
  • Taboo VIdouble-dagger[2]
    • Cabaret Sin
    • Dreams in the Forbidden Zone
    • Hawaii Vice
    • Sensual Escape[1]
Best Film Editing Best Video Editing
  • Alex de Renzy, Pretty Peaches IIdouble-dagger[2]
    • Lucas Tele Productions, Amanda by Night II
    • Giorgio Grande, Devil in Mr. Holmes
    • Leon Gucci, Head Waitress
    • David Marsh, Miami Spice[1]
  • John Leslie, Cat Womandouble-dagger[2]
    • Michael Cates, Addicted to Love
    • Gerard Damiano, Paula Damiano; Candy’s Little Sister Sugar
    • James MacReading, Dreams in the Forbidden Zone
    • Alex de Renzy, Ghostess with the Mostess
    • Marshall Dylan, Hard Core Cafe
    • Arthur King, Maxine
    • Adam Della, Pacific Intrigue
    • John Leslie, Pillowman
    • Gloria Leonard, James MacReading, Per Sjostedt; Sensual Escape[1]
Best Cinematography Best Videography
Best Boxcover Concept Best Overall Marketing Campaign
  • Screwdriver, Coast to Coast Videodouble-dagger[2]
    • Amateur Night, Coast to Coast Video
    • Broadway Brat, Vivid Video
    • Conflict, Vidco
    • Hawaii Vice, CDI Home Video
    • Heiress, Vivid Video
    • Last Temptations of Kristi, Moonlight Entertainment
    • Loose Ends V, 4-Play Video
    • Miami Spice II, Caballero Home Video
    • Where the Boys Aren’t, Vivid Video[1]
  • Hawaii Vice, CDI Home Videodouble-dagger[2]
    • Angel’s Back, Intropics Video
    • Arrow Sell-Through Program, Arrow Films & Video
    • Caballero Sell-Through Program, Caballero Home Video
    • Conflict, Vidco
    • Devil in Mr. Holmes, Paradise Visuals
    • Good Morning Saigon, Zane Entertainment Group
    • Loose Ends V, 4-Play Video
    • VCA Sell-Through Program, VCA Pictures
    • Vidway’s Debut, Vidway[1]
Best Packaging Best Packaging—Gay Vide
  • Broadway Brat, Vivid Videodouble-dagger[2]
    • Back to Rears, Vivid Video
    • Debbie 4 Hire, AVC
    • The Final Taboo, Caballero Home Video
    • Hawaii Vice, CDI Home Video
    • Heiress, Vivid Video
    • Jamie Loves Jeff, Vivid Video
    • Miami Spice II, Caballero Home Video
    • Screwdriver, Coast to Coast Video
    • Sex Lies, Fantasy Home Video[1]
  • In the Raw, In Hand Videodouble-dagger[2]
    • In the Black, In Hand Video
    • Mannequin Man, Vivid Video
    • My Best Buddy, Catalina Video
    • Ranch Hand, In Hand Video
    • The Rites of Summer, Vivid Video
    • Streaks, In Hand Video
    • Stryker Force, Huge Video
    • Superhunks, Vivid Video
    • Taxi, In Hand Video[1]

Honorary AVN Awards[edit]

Special Achievement Award[edit]

AVN Special Achievement Awards were given to three industry members for their legal battles:

  • Marty Rothstein of Model Distributors
  • Steve Touchin of Bijou Video
  • Hal Freeman of Hollywood Video[2]

Hall of Fame[edit]

AVN Hall of Fame inductees for 1989 were: Annette Haven, Tracey Adams, Nina Hartley, Sharon Mitchell, Amber Lynn, Paul Thomas, Alex de Renzy, Henri Pachard.[2] They were all nominated by the readership of Adult Video News magazine.

Multiple nominations and awards[edit]

Presenters and performers[edit]

The following individuals presented awards or performed musical numbers.


Among those presenting awards were: Samantha Strong, Angel Kelly, Tom Steele,[3] Megan Leigh and Jerry Butler.[4]


Actor John Leslie opened the show by singing and playing harmonica.[4] The Moonlight Entertainers were the live band during the show.[2]

Ceremony information[edit]

This was the fourth live AVN awards show (there was no show the first two years), and at the time, was the last show still known as the "AVNA Awards" show. It was also the first one that charged admission, with profits going to the Adult Video Association for a legal cause. The event ran 110 minutes.[2]

Hustler magazine said, “The ceremony itself is every bit as tedious as these things have the potential to be.”[4]

Plaques were awarded for Best Selling Adult Tape of the Year to Miami Spice II and for Best Renting Adult Tape of the Year to Devil in Mr. Holmes.[2]

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