6th Air Division (Japan)

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6th Air Division
Active November 26, 1942 – August 31, 1944
Country Empire of Japan Empire of Japan
Allegiance Empire of Japan
Branch Empire of Japan Imperial Japanese Army
Type Army aviation unit
Role Fighter, bomber, reconnaissance
Part of 8th Area Army
Garrison/HQ Rabaul, New Britain
Wewak, New Guinea
Nickname(s) Abbreviation code: 6FD
HQ code: Yō 9301

World War II

The 6th Air Division (第六飛行師団, Dai 6 Hikō Shidan) was a land-based aviation force of the Imperial Japanese Army. It was formed on 25 November 1942, as part of the Eighth Area Army.[1] It was incorporated into the Fourth Air Army based at Rabaul in June 1943.[1]

The division moved its headquarters to Wewak on 9 July 1943. After being reduced in men and aircraft due to Allied aerial attacks and bombing missions by 31 May 1944, the division was disbanded in August at Hollandia.[1]



  • 11th Hikō Sentai (1943)
  • 68th Hikō Sentai (1943)
  • 78th Hikō Sentai (1943)
  • 13th Hikō Sentai (1943)
  • 24th Hikō Sentai (1943)

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