6th Blockbuster Entertainment Awards

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The 6th Blockbuster Entertainment Awards were held on May 9, 2000 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. They were the first Blockbuster Entertainment Awards to present awards for video games in addition to music and film.

Below is a complete list of nominees and winners. Winners are highlighted in bold.



Favorite Actress - Drama[edit]

Favorite Actor - Drama[edit]

Favorite Actress - Drama/Romance[edit]

Favorite Actor - Drama/Romance[edit]

Favorite Actress - Comedy/Romance[edit]

Favorite Actor - Comedy/Romance[edit]

Favorite Actress - Comedy[edit]

Favorite Actor - Comedy[edit]

Favorite Comedy Team[edit]

Favorite Actress - Action[edit]

Favorite Actor - Action[edit]

Favorite Action Team[edit]

Favorite Actor - Action/Science Fiction[edit]

Favorite Actress - Suspense[edit]

Favorite Actor - Suspense[edit]

Favorite Actress - Horror[edit]

Favorite Actor - Horror[edit]

Favorite Supporting Actress - Action[edit]

Favorite Supporting Actor - Action[edit]

Favorite Villain[edit]

Favorite Supporting Actress - Horror[edit]

Favorite Supporting Actor - Horror[edit]

Favorite Supporting Actor - Action/Science-Fiction[edit]

Favorite Supporting Actress - Comedy[edit]

Favorite Supporting Actor - Comedy[edit]

Favorite Supporting Actress - Comedy/Romance[edit]

Favorite Supporting Actor - Comedy/Romance[edit]

Favorite Supporting Actress - Drama[edit]

Favorite Supporting Actor - Drama[edit]

Favorite Supporting Actress - Drama/Romance[edit]

Favorite Supporting Actor - Drama/Romance[edit]

Favorite Supporting Actress - Suspense[edit]

Favorite Supporting Actor - Suspense[edit]

Favorite Actress - Newcomer[edit]

Favorite Actor - Newcomer[edit]

Family Favorite Film[edit]


Favorite Female Artist - Pop[edit]

Favorite Male Artist - Pop[edit]

Favorite Group - Pop[edit]

Favorite Artist - Rap[edit]

Favorite Duo or Group - Country[edit]

Favorite Male Artist - Country[edit]

Favorite Female Artist - Country[edit]

Favorite Male Artist - R&B[edit]

Favorite Female Artist - R&B[edit]

Favorite Group - R&B[edit]

Favorite Artist - Modern Rock[edit]

Favorite Group - Modern Rock[edit]

Favorite Male - New Artist[edit]

Favorite Female - New Artist[edit]

Favorite Group - New Artist[edit]

Favorite Latino Artist[edit]

Favorite Artist or Group - Rock[edit]

Favorite Latino Group[edit]

Favorite CD[edit]

Favorite Single[edit]

Favorite Soundtrack[edit]

Favorite Song from a Movie[edit]

Favorite Artist - Comedy[edit]

Video games[edit]

Favorite Video Game[edit]

Favorite Playstation Game[edit]

Favorite Nintendo 64 Game[edit]

Favorite GameBoy Game[edit]

Favorite Dreamcast Game[edit]