6th Division (North Korea)

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The 6th Infantry Division is a military formation of the Korean People's Army Ground Force.

The date that the 6th Infantry Division was formed in somewhat unclear as the Army during the Korean War believed that the 6th ID was established either in July 1949 or March 1950. It is believed the division was formed at Sinuiju from 10,000 Chinese Communist Army personnel of Korean descent from the 166th Division who had been "repatriated" in late 1949 together with the former 1st Regiment of the 1st Division. The Korea Institute of Military History indicates that the division was established in October 1949. All sources indicate that the unit was initially composed of the 13th Infantry Regiment, 14th and 15th Infantry Regiments, and the 6th Artillery Regiment.

The 6th Infantry Division took part in the opening moves of the North Korean invasion of South Korea, moving against the ROKA 1st Division on June 25, 1950. After suffering heavy casualties in the Inchon area, this division met no opposition in its move down the west coast. This unit had sustained heavy casualties in its attempts to take Masan, but its morale and combat effectiveness was still considered good.[1] Was part of the North Korean advance from Seoul to Taejon. Fought in the Battle of Pusan Perimeter.[2]

Currently the 6th Infantry Division is located along the DMZ near the village of Panmunjom. It is believed to consist almost entirely of a light infantry force but has been task organized with an attached T-62 or T-64 main battle tank battalion.[citation needed] It is reportedly part of II Corps (North Korea).[3] In the event of another Korean War this division is likely tasked with seizing a foothold across the Imjin River in order to allow follow on forces to continue south.