6th General Assembly of Nova Scotia

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The 6th General Assembly of Nova Scotia represented Nova Scotia between November 1785 to 1793.

The Assembly sat at the pleasure of the Governor of Nova Scotia, Edmund Fanning until 1786, and then under Governor John Parr.

In 1785, the Speaker of the House was Sampson Salter Blowers In 1789, the speaker was Richard John Uniacke.

Division of Seats[edit]

County of Sunbury no longer elected representatives as it became the Province of New Brunswick.


  1. ^ named to council in 1788; replaced by Charles Morris
  2. ^ died in 1785; replaced by John William Schwartz
  3. ^ Election overturned after an appeal. Seabury won the subsequent by-election, but Alexander Howe declared elected by assembly.[1]
  4. ^ unseated because not a resident; replaced by Philip Marchington in 1786
  5. ^ died in 1787; replaced by George William Sherlock
  6. ^ left province; replaced by Gideon White in 1790
  7. ^ named to Council in 1786; replaced by James De Lancey
  8. ^ seat was declared vacant in 1790; replaced by Robert McElhinney


Preceded by
5th General Assembly of Nova Scotia
General Assemblies of Nova Scotia
Succeeded by
7th General Assembly of Nova Scotia