7-Eleven Speak Out Wireless

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7-Eleven SpeakOut Wireless
Industry Telecommunications
Founded April 2003
Headquarters US, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia
Products Mobile telephony
Website www.speakout7eleven.ca

7-Eleven SpeakOut Wireless is a mobile virtual network operator offering proprietary prepaid wireless services. It was launched in April 2003 by the 7-Eleven convenience store chain in the United States, a market from which it was withdrawn in 2010. It was extended to Canada in November 2005, and into Singapore and Malaysia.

In all cases, 7-Eleven was (or is) a reseller of a virtual mobile network. In the U.S., the service used Ztar Mobile, a mobile virtual network enabler (MVNE) on AT&T Mobility's network. In Canada, it uses Ztar Mobile on the Rogers GSM network. In Malaysia, it used the Digi network.[1]

In Malaysia, the product was branded "Speak Out Wireless", omitting the 7-Eleven name.


SpeakOut offers pay-per-use plans and monthly plans, with monthly add-ons such as SMS, mobile browsing, and a block of minutes for domestic calls. In Canada, top-up and SIM card purchases are offered through an on-line website.[2] In Malaysia, only pay-per-use rates were offered; top-up cards remain exclusively available at 7-Eleven stores.

In eastern Ontario, where 7-Eleven demolished its one Kingston store and sold its six Ottawa locations to Quickie Convenience Stores, existing Ottawa SpeakOut subscribers were permitted to move their prepaid balances to Quickie's Good2Go cellphone program.[3][4] That program has shorter expiry times for prepaid minutes.[5]

Caller ID, call waiting, conference calling, voicemail and account notifications were standard features. International roaming was not supported. Access to voicemail from the mobile handset incurred local or long distance rates; messages also were retrievable by calling the mobile number from another telephone.[6]

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