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R707 as restored, in 2007

707 Operations is a railway preservation group based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The volunteer organisation was established in 1980 to restore R class locomotive R707. The company has its own section of the Newport Workshops that is used for storing carriages and locomotives when not in use for charter trips. They are located in roads 7 and 8 of the Newport West Block Workshops.

707 Operations run regular trips across the broad gauge rail network in Victoria and also charter trains.


In 1980, a committee of six men got together inspected withdrawn steam locomotive R707 at Newport Workshops that had been withdrawn in 1974. After close examinations of the locomotive (although it was in some form of disrepair), a proposal was put forward to VicRail for restoration with work commencing in 1981. The restored locomotive made its debut on a return trip to Bacchus Marsh in July 1985.[1]


Today 707 Operations run heritage special trains in Victoria.[2]


After the restoration of R707, the organisation expanded their fleet further with R753 being bought as well as diesel locomotives F204, T413 and Y127. The organisation owns former West Coast Railways S and Z type carriages as well as South Australian Railways carriage 708 for use on special trips. One car remains in its former West Coast Railway livery still applied, with the remainder of the S and Z type cars having been repainted in 707 Operations red. A list of the entire fleet of rolling stock is shown below.

Rolling stock[edit]


Number Image Year built Builder Status Notes Colours
R707 SpiritofProgress87Albury.jpg 1954 North British Locomotive Company, Glasgow Operational Black and Red
R753 North British Locomotive Company, Glasgow Stored Black and Red
T413 VR-T413.jpg 1968 Clyde Engineering, Granville Operational VR Blue and Gold
H5 1969 Clyde Enginerring, Granville Operational On Loan from Regional Connect Delivered as T417 PN Green Yellow
Y108 1963 Clyde Engineering, Granville Stored Vline Orange and Grey
Y127 1965 Clyde Engineering, Granville Operational 707 Black
F202 1951 Dick Kerr Works Under Restoration VR Blue and Gold
F204 1951 Dick Kerr Works Stored VR Blue and Gold
F208 1951 Dick Kerr Works Operational Red and Yellow


Class Image Type Gauge Top speed
Built Number Notes
South Australian 'K' type carriage Passenger carriage Broad
S type carriage Passenger carriage Broad
Z type carriage Passenger carriage Broad
The Vinelander Passenger carriage Broad
S type carriage Passenger carriage Broad BS215


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