711th Human Performance Wing

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711th Human Performance Wing
711th Human Performance Wing.png
Active March 2008 — present
Country United States
Branch Air Force
Type Human
Part of Air Force Material Command
Garrison/HQ Wright-Patterson AFB

The 711th Human Performance Wing (711 HPW) is a wing of the United States Air Force based at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio.


The mission of the 711 HPW is to advance human performance in air, space, and cyberspace through research, education, and consultation. The Wing supports the most critical Air Force resource - the operational military forces. The Wing's primary focus areas are aerospace medicine, human effectiveness, science and technology, and human systems integration. In conjunction with the Naval Medical Research Unit-Dayton (NAMRU-D) and surrounding universities and medical institutions, the 711 HPW functions as a Joint Department of Defense (DoD) Center of Excellence for human performance sustainment and readiness, optimization, and enhancement.

Subordinate organizations[edit]

The 711 HPW is located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio and consists of three Mission Units:

Human Effectiveness Directorate

United States Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine (USAFSAM)

Human System Integration Directorate

Primary Mission Areas[2][edit]

To achieve its mission of advancing human performance in air, space, and cyberspace through research, education, and consultation, the 711 HPW has four Primary Mission Areas (PMAs):

1. Airman Health & Performance
2. Airman-Machine Teaming
3. Force Protection
4. Education & Training

These PMAs cut across the 711 HPW’s organizational lines and are aligned with USAF and DoD strategic direction.

Airman Health and Performance[edit]

The convergence of science, medicine, and engineering to enhance, optimize, and sustain the physical, psychological, cognitive, and behavioral states across the Airman’s lifecycle to achieve airpower dominance.

Airman-Machine Teaming[edit]

Airmen and machines working together to accomplish the mission with greater effectiveness and efficiency than either entity can achieve on its own.

Force Protection[edit]

Mitigation of harmful and stressing mission environments, while sustaining the performance and ensuring the safety of Airmen through research, consultation, and integration advancements.

Education and Training[edit]

Prepare diverse learners in a stimulating academic environment to perform the mission anytime, anywhere, and in the most demanding circumstances. Apply and extend learning and assessment science, technologies and applications coupled with policy, and operational experience, to create research-driven, agile and relevant curricula for persistent readiness and lifelong learning.


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