72nd Reconnaissance-Commando Battalion

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72nd Reconnaissance-Commando Battalion
72nd Reconnaissance-Commando Battalion.png
72nd Reconnaissance-Commando Battalion patch
Active June 12, 1992
Country  Serbia
Branch Special Brigade
Type Reconnaissance-Commando
Garrison/HQ Pančevo
Major Dragan Arsenijević

The 72nd Reconnaissance-Commando Battalion (Serbian: 72. Извиђачко-диверзантски батаљон, tr. Izviđačko-diverzantski bataljon) is a battalion within the Special Brigade unit in the Serbian Army. In the past it was brigade-size, and included the CT "Hawks" Battalion (now Counter-terrorist Battalion), and was known as the 72 Special Brigade. Currently it has the status of a battalion within the restructured Serbian Army. Its main tasks are reconnaissance and demolition.

The unit was formed in 1992, its headquarters are located in Pančevo.


Range of combat training is very broad and includes tactical, fire and physical training the highest professional risk. In addition to a very demanding selective training, which is the first entrance criteria for the Special Brigade, the unit is realized:

  • Training of members of units in the use of cold weapons, the implementation of martial art skills, the use of weapons with high firepower;
  • Training complex action tactics of special operations;
  • Training in parachuting, diving, swimming, climbing and rescue services.

Weaponry and equipment[edit]

The battalion is armed with Serbian-made 7.62 mm and 5.56 mm rifles, R4 assault rifles, Steyr AUG rifles, H&K 416, Sako TRG-22/42 sniper rifles 7.62 mm, 7.9 mm and 12.7 mm sniper rifles, 7.62 mm machine guns and various types of pistols and revolvers of the battalion's own choice. The 72nd Reconnaissance-commando Battalion's heavy armament consists of disposable, Serbian-made grenade-launchers, hand rocket-launchers also of domestic production, the "Wasp" Armour-piercing rocket system, and the 60 mm and 82 mm light mortars and optic-electronic devices for night operations, Aimpoint holographic sights, silencers/suppressors

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