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746 Communication Squadron is a reserve military unit in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The unit's motto is "Determined" and its badge is a Pony Express Rider.


As with all reserve communication squadrons, the primary role is to augment the Regular Force for both domestic and international operations, including those with the United Nations and NATO. International deployments include most recently Afghanistan, Bosnia and the Golan Heights. Soldiers have also been deployed to the Manitoba floods, BC forest fires, Ontario ice storms and the 2002 G8 summit in Kananaskis Country.

From 2000 until 2003, the unit's focus was on strategic communications, typically voice and data over MSAT and HF. From 2004 on, the unit role changed to focus on tactical (field) communications, VHF and limited HF.

UPDATE: As of 2013 - 746 Communication Squadron is now known as 41 Signals 3 Squadron


746 Communication Squadron comprises mainly signal operators and line technicians, as well as a normal squadron complement of support trades.


746 Communication Squadron traces its history back to Number XIII Detachment, Signalling Corps, which was housed in Mewata Armories in 1913. In 1920, Number 13 Signal Company was raised in Calgary under the command of Major J.E. Hanning. In 1923 the unit was designated as 13th Signal Battalion, and in 1934 changed designation yet again to 13th Divisional Signals under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Harry Pryde.

During World War II the main function of 13 Signals was to train communicators for posting to units going overseas. In 1949 the unit was renamed to 7th Independent Signal Squadron, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals. Two years after the 1968 unification of the Canadian Armed Forces, and the formation of Canadian Forces Communication Command, the name was changed to 746 (Calgary) Communication Squadron. The unit was moved from Mewata Armouries to the Naval Reserve building HMCS Tecumseh in 1987.

On 9 May 2000 the squadron became part of 74 Communication Regiment but has since become an independent squadron of 73 Communication Group once again.