74th Flying Training Wing (World War II)

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74th Flying Training Wing
Maxwell Army Airfield Cadets.jpg
Cadets being drilled at Maxwell Field in the early 1940s,
Active 1943-1945
Country United States
Branch United States Army Air Forces
Type Command and Control
Role Training
Part of Army Air Forces Training Command

World War II

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    World War II American Theater
  • Maj Gen T. J. Hanley Jr., 16 Sep 1943
  • Col Elmer J. Bowling, 27 Nov 1943-at least Nov 1944

The 74th Flying Training Wing was wing of the United States Army Air Forces. It was last assigned to the Eastern Flying Training Command, and was disbanded on 30 December 1945 at Maxwell Field, Alabama.

The wing's mission was to provide classification and preflight testing of aviation cadets. It was one of three such centers, the others being at Maxwell Field, Alabama and Santa Ana Army Air Base, California.


The mission of the wing was to provide both Classification and Preflight stage training to air cadets which had completed Training Command basic indoctrination training.[1]

  • Classification Stage processed the cadet and issued him his equipment. This was the stage where it would be decided whether the cadet would train as a navigator, bombardier, or pilot.[1]
  • Pre-Flight Stage taught the mechanics and physics of flight and required the cadets to pass courses in mathematics and the hard sciences. Then the cadets were taught to apply their knowledge practically by teaching them aeronautics, deflection shooting, and thinking in three dimensions.[1]

Once the cadet successfully completed the training at the center, they would be assigned to one of the AAF primary flight schools for initial flying training.[1]

The wing also provided specialized flight training for foreign pilots as well as a navigation school at Selman, Louisiana that encompassed the entire range of training from preflight ground school to advanced navigation training.


  • Established as 74th Flying Training Wing on 14 August 1943
Activated on 30 December 1943
Disbanded on 1 November 1945 [2]


  • Army Air Forces Eastern Flying Training Command, 25 August 1943 – 30 June 1945[2]



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 This article incorporates public domain material from the Air Force Historical Research Agency website http://www.afhra.af.mil/.

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