752 Squadron (Portugal)

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Esquadra 752
(752 Squadron)
Active November 30, 1977 — October 1993
September 24, 2008 - April 5, 2011
Country  Portugal
Branch Air Force
Role Search and rescue
Home Base Air Base 4
Nickname(s) Pumas
Motto(s) "Para que outros vivam" (So that others may live)
Aircraft flown
Helicopter Aérospatiale SA 330 Puma

The 752 Squadron "Pumas" (Esquadra 572) was a helicopter Search and Rescue squadron of the Portuguese Air Force.


Activated on November 30, 1977, along with its sister 751 Squadron, the 752 Sqn. was the direct successor of the 42 Squadron, which had been activated in the beginning of that year and was later disbanded leading to the creation of the 752 Squadron.

In October 1993, the 752 Squadron was disbanded after the creation of the "Puma" Flight in the recently formed 711 Squadron.

In 2008, the entry in service of the AgustaWestland EH101 with the PoAF lead to changes in the operational structure of the branch in Azores. With this the Helicopter Flight of the 711 Squadron was deactivated and a detachment of the 751 Squadron replaced this flight in the Search and Rescue mission in Azores. However, due to complications in the logistical support provided by the manufacturer of the EH 101, the choice was made to reintroduce the SA 330 Puma into the medical evacuation operations to complement the 751 Squadron's detachment.

On September 24, 2008, the 752 Squadron is reactivated, at Lajes Air Base, to operate the Aérospatiale SA 330, beginning its operational mission on October 1. With this the 751 Sqn. will provide transport, medical evacuation, and search and rescue operations together with the EH 101 Merlin helicopters of the 751 Sqn, which will guarantee the long-range search and rescue.[1] The 752 Squadron was disbanded April 5, 2011.

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