76th Ohio Infantry

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76th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Active 1861–1865
Country United States of America
Allegiance United States of America
Branch Union Army
Type Infantry
Size 962 at outset of service
Nickname(s) Licking Volunteers

American Civil War

The 76th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry ( or 76th OVI) was an infantry regiment of the Union Army during the American Civil War. The regiment served in the Western Theater, primarily as part of the XV Corps in the Army of the Tennessee.


Special Order Number 882 of October 1861 authorized Col. Charles R. Woods to organize a regiment of infantry at Camp Sherman, near Newark, Ohio. Recruitment had begun for a Licking County regiment as early as September 1861. Enrollment was for three years' duty. Since the majority of the troops were from Licking County, the regiment had the field nickname of "The Licking Volunteers." The regiment held 962 officers and men when it was mustered in on February 9, 1862.

The initial officers were as follows:

  • Colonel Charles R. Woods
  • Lt. Colonel William Burnham Woods
  • Major Willard Warner
  • Adjutant Jerome N. Rappleyea (1831-1896)
  • Quartermaster Henry D. Wright
  • Surgeon Charles R. Pierce
  • Asst. Surgeon Thomas B. Hood
  • Chaplain Reverend John W. McCarty


Company A formed November 1, 1861:

  • Captain Thaddeus Lemert

• Captain Zebulon Parker Evans [1]

  • 1st Lieutenant Bevery W. Lemert
  • 2nd Lieutenant Simeon B. Wall

Company B formed November 12, 1861:

  • Captain Joseph M. Scott
  • 1st Lieutenant Ira P. French
  • 2nd Lieutenant John R. Miller

Company C formed December 4, 1861:

  • Captain Levi P. Coman
  • 1st Lieutenant John S. Anderson
  • 2nd Lieutenant John V. Gray

Company D formed December 16, 1861:

  • Captain Charles H. Kibler
  • 1st Lieutenant I. Newton Hempsted
  • 2nd Lieutenant Reason C. Strong

Company E formed December 16, 1861:

  • Captain Joseph C. Wehrle
  • 1st Lieutenant Michael R. Maher
  • 2nd Lieutenant Charles Luther

Company F formed December 18, 1861:

  • Captain Strew M. Emmons
  • 1st Lieutenant James H. H. Hunter
  • 2nd Lieutenant Freeman Morrison

Company G formed January 7, 1862:

  • Captain James Stewart
  • 1st Lieutenant Jehile T. Wintrode
  • 2nd Lieutenant Richard W. Burt

Company H:

  • Captain Jerome N. Rappleyea (1831-1896)
  • 1st Lieutenant John A. Dill
  • 2nd Lieutenant Lucien H. Wright

Company I was originally Company B of the 61st Ohio Infantry. They were transferred to the 76th OVI on February 3, 1862.:

  • Captain Edward Biggs
  • 1st Lieutenant James M. Blackburn
  • 2nd Lieutenant John H. Hardgrove

Company K:

  • Captain James M. Jay
  • 1st Lieutenant David R. Kelley
  • 2nd Lieutenant Mark Sperry


During the service time of the 76th OVI, from February 1862 to July 1865, the unit saw action in an estimated 44 battles across eleven Confederate States. Notable events were as follows:





The 76th OVI mustered out on July 15, 1865.

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