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The following radio stations broadcast on AM frequency 780 kHz: There are only eight stations in the 48 United States plus one in Alaska which are authorized to broadcast on 780 AM during nighttime hours. 780 AM is a United States clear-channel frequency.[1]KNOM in Nome, Alaska and WBBM in Chicago, Illinois share Class A status of 780 kHz.[2]


British Virgin Islands[edit]


United States[edit]

  • KAZM in Sedona, Arizona
  • KCEG in Pueblo, Colorado
  • KKOH in Reno, Nevada
  • KNOM in Nome, Alaska
  • KSPI in Stillwater, Oklahoma
  • WAVA in Arlington, Virginia
  • WBBM in Chicago, Illinois
  • WCKB in Dunn, North Carolina
  • WIIN in Ridgeland, Mississippi
  • WJAG in Norfolk, Nebraska
  • WPTN in Cookeville, Tennessee
  • WTME in Rumford, Maine
  • WWOL in Forest City, North Carolina
  • WXME in Monticello, Maine


In fiction[edit]

  • KACL in Seattle, Washington - featured in the series Frasier