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Founded 2004
Founder Peter Khosla
Distributor(s) Provident
Genre Christian rock, Christian hip hop, alternative rock, pop punk, electronic music
Country of origin United States
Location Valparaiso, Indiana
Official website www.7spinmusic.com

7Spin Music is an independent Christian record label based in Valparaiso, Indiana.[1] It was founded by Peter Khosla in 2004.[1] Sevenglory’s first single, "Just Me" was the label's first top ten single to chart at R&R magazine.[2]

Artist list[edit]

The following artists either are performing or have performed under the 7Spin Music:


  • Sevenglory
  • Mark White Band
  • The Contact
  • Red Umbrella - brought to 7Spin's attention and label by Wooly Entertainment Group executive's (Jesse Sprinkle, Shawn Harnish, Shaun Jackson and Kevin Jackson - formerly of the band Chase)


  • All Star United (active, currently independent)
  • Hello Kelly (active, currently unsigned)
  • Heath McNease (active, currently unsigned)
  • Inhabited (independent, active artists)
  • The Blood Violets (disbanded)
  • This Holiday Life (on hiatus)
  • Riley Armstrong (active, currently independent)
  • Playdough (active, currently independent)

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