7 Profitz

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7 Profitz
7 Profitz Logo in Color.jpg
7 Profitz logo
Background information
Origin Long Island, NY, United States of America
Genres hip hop, R&B
Years active 2007–present
Labels Funkin Beatz/The Orchard (music label)
Associated acts Apademik, Elle Madison
Website 7Profitz.com
Members Apademik
Elle Madison
Past members Anubiz Child of The Universe

7 Profitz (also known as 7P) is a progressive and political[1] American Hip-Hop group based on Long Island, NY. 7 Profitz was formed on Long Island in 2007.


Early career[edit]

Apademik The Disciple formed 7 Profitz as a Hip-Hop group with singer Elle Madison, Anubiz and Apademik. 7 Profitz was created after the three split ways from a previous rap group they had shared with two more members.

7 Profitz went to work in the studio and quickly released their freshman album titled The Resurrection LP in December 2007.[2] The Resurrection LP included production by Apademik, Supreme and Cheech of Plump Juice Entertainment. Receiving local success 7 Profitz carried on to their next release.

In October 2008, 7 Profitz released Long Island Hip-Hop: Not About The Money. 7 Profitz again received local[3] attention from this release again.

On July 7, 2009[4] 7 Profitz continued their three years in business with the release of their third album Revelations 23:7,[5] with promises for fans to hear a new sound on a release in 2010 (Up From Here). The video for "Up From Here" can now be seen on 7 Profitz Official YouTube Partner Channel.


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Studio albums
  • The Resurrection LP (2007)
  • Long Island Hip-Hop: Not About The Money (2008)
  • Revelations 23:7 (2009)
  • On The Rise (2009)( Single)
  • Up From Here (2010) (Single)
  • Planet 7P (2010)


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