7th CPLP Summit

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VII Conference of Heads of State & Government of the CPLP
7th CPLP Summit
VII Cimeira da CPLP.png
The 7th CPLP Summit; Lisbon, 2008.
Host country Portugal
Dates24–25 July 2008
Follows6th CPLP Summit
Precedes8th CPLP Summit
WebsiteVII Conferência de Chefes de Estado e de Governo

The VII Conference of Heads of State and Government of the CPLP (Portuguese: Conferência de Chefes de Estado e de Governo da CPLP), commonly known as the 7th CPLP Summit (VII Cimeira da CPLP) was the 7th biennial meeting of heads of state and heads of government of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries, held in Lisbon, Portugal, on 24–25 July 2008.[1][2]


At this Summit, Senegal become the third associate member of CPLP. Senegal has a strong community of people that came from Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde. Senegal also includes the Casamance territory that was Portuguese until the 19th century, when it was ceded to France. Even today, the people of Casamance are more linked with Guinea-Bissau than with Senegal itself and some of the citizens of the territory even want an independent Portuguese-speaking Casamance country.



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