7th Chess Olympiad

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The 7th Chess Olympiad, organized by the FIDE and comprising an open[1] and (unofficial) women's tournament, as well as several events designed to promote the game of chess, took place between July 31 and August 14, 1937, in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Women's World Chess Championship also took place during the Olympiad.



# Country Players Points
1  United States Reshevsky, Fine, Kashdan, Marshall, Horowitz 54½
2  Hungary Lilienthal, Szabó, Steiner E., Havasi, Vajda 48½
3  Poland Tartakower, Najdorf, Frydman, Appel, Regedziński 47
4  Argentina Piazzini, Bolbochán Jac., Grau, Guimard, Pleci 47
5  Czechoslovakia Flohr, Foltys, Zinner, Pelikán, Zíta 45
6  Netherlands Euwe, Landau, Prins, van Scheltinga, De Groot 44
7  Estonia Keres, Schmidt, Raud, Türn, Friedemann 41½
8  Lithuania Mikėnas, Vaitonis, Vistaneckis, Luckis, Abramavičius 41½
9  Yugoslavia Pirc, Trifunović, Vuković S., Kostić, Bröder 40
10  Sweden Ståhlberg, Lundin, Stoltz, Danielsson, Jonsson 38½
11  Latvia Petrovs, Apšenieks, Mežgailis, Ozols, Endzelins 37½
12  Finland Gauffin, Böök, Solin, Salo, Ojanen 34
13  England Thomas, Alexander, Milner-Barry, Golombek, Wheatcroft 34
14 Italy Italy Castaldi, Riello, Napolitano, Staldi, Rosselli del Turco 26½
15  Denmark Enevoldsen, Sørensen, Poulsen, Larsen, Petersen 25½
16  Iceland Gilfer, Guðmundsson, Ásgeirsson, Möller, Pétursson 23
17  Belgium Dunkelblum, O'Kelly, Baert, Defosse 22½
18  Norway Herseth, Kavli-Jørgensen, Guldbrandsen, Salbu, Christoffersen 19½
19  Scotland Aitken, Montgomerie, Page, Reid, Pirie 14

Individual medals[edit]

The prizes for best individual results went to:[2]


  1. ^ Although commonly referred to as the men's division, this section is open to both male and female players.
  2. ^ OlimpBase :: 7th Chess Olympiad, Stockholm 1937, information