7th Chess Olympiad

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The 7th Chess Olympiad, organized by the FIDE and comprising an open[1] and (unofficial) women's tournament, as well as several events designed to promote the game of chess, took place between July 31 and August 14, 1937, in Stockholm, Sweden].

The Women's World Chess Championship also took place during the Olympiad.



# Country Players Points
1  United States Reshevsky, Fine, Kashdan, Marshall, Horowitz 54½
2 Hungary Hungary Lilienthal, Szabó, Steiner E., Havasi, Vajda 48½
3  Poland Tartakower, Najdorf, Frydman, Appel, Regedziński 47
4  Argentina Piazzini, Bolbochán Jac., Grau, Guimard, Pleci 47
5  Czechoslovakia Flohr, Foltys, Zinner, Pelikán, Zíta 45
6  Netherlands Euwe, Landau, Prins, van Scheltinga, De Groot 44
7  Estonia Keres, Schmidt, Raud, Türn, Friedemann 41½
8  Lithuania Mikėnas, Vaitonis, Vistaneckis, Luckis, Abramavičius 41½
9  Yugoslavia Pirc, Trifunović, Vuković S., Kostić, Bröder 40
10  Sweden Ståhlberg, Lundin, Stoltz, Danielsson, Jonsson 38½
11  Latvia Petrovs, Apšenieks, Mežgailis, Ozols, Endzelins 37½
12  Finland Gauffin, Böök, Solin, Salo, Ojanen 34
13  England Thomas, Alexander, Milner-Barry, Golombek, Wheatcroft 34
14 Italy Italy Castaldi, Riello, Napolitano, Staldi, Rosselli del Turco 26½
15  Denmark Enevoldsen, Sørensen, Poulsen, Larsen, Petersen 25½
16  Iceland Gilfer, Guðmundsson, Ásgeirsson, Möller, Pétursson 23
17  Belgium Dunkelblum, O'Kelly, Baert, Defosse 22½
18  Norway Herseth, Kavli-Jørgensen, Guldbrandsen, Salbu, Christoffersen 19½
19  Scotland Aitken, Montgomerie, Page, Reid, Pirie 14

Individual medals[edit]

The prizes for best individual results went to:[2]


  1. ^ Although commonly referred to as the men's division, this section is open to both male and female players.
  2. ^ OlimpBase :: 7th Chess Olympiad, Stockholm 1937, information